Sunday, 29 November 2009

paint it black

the painting was going well until the new wargames illustrated arrived.
as it is mostly about the Vietnam war battle at la drang with some very nice looking hueys.
i must say i'm very tempted to get some
the rules read ok and look like a lot has gone into them, as a one off it looks like a winner, i hope battlefront support it and it is not a fashion game like games workshop do and then drop it as soon as they have made some money out of the public.
on the buying side the hueys are a bit expensive when you can get a QRF model for £8, the revell kit for about £5 when they can be found. but the BF model is £12 but it comes with door gunners and flight stand and decals or their is also the pencil sharpeners i have for £1.86
the army deals look good and give you everything needed to start gaming so 10 out of 10 for this months copy of wargames illustrated,

still on the Nam side of things i have got hold of tour of duty all 3 seasons brings back memories lol.

and while on the film/TV front i have just seen Harry Brown. Michael Caine's new film. very impressive for a old actor, one of his best fr a number of years i think. a must go and see if you have not yet seen it. death wish has nothing on this for making you think a bit.

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