Sunday, 28 March 2010

busy weekend

after watching the pacific i was inspired to make some shore based naval guns for my 15mm japs with no luck in finding any suitable guns i tried modifying the italeri Italian 90mm a/t gun.
as it is a cheap kit but it leaves the crew as spares for another project.
the next ones i think will look better with a small plinth to mount the gun on and maybe lower the gun a bit.

i also picked up some of the new armour fast panther tanks from HAT as the model shop had both the italeri fast build and these i opted for these due ti the simple fact that the command hatch can be built open or closed and they are a quid cheaper to buy also helped.

as well as trying out the italeri new American infantry, i have had a busy weekend, my opinion of these figures is not bad but making a r/f battalion is only possible with adding the 60mm mortar from the anti tank team box (even if he is a us para) and for some reason they put a tank commander in for the co. but as there are only 48 figures in the box they have to be used to make the unit.
and just a note to say as i was in wicks getting some bits i needed i picked up some black primer spray, anyone thinking of getting some, don't. it take hours to dry but it covers the plastics ok. next time ill go for car primer even if it means going to another shop, lol...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

tiger weekend

this week i have mostly been working on the tiger in 1/35 scale, i must point out it was only on a whim i started it as i never made one years ago.
but the tracks are a pain to assemble as each link is individual.
so the main painting i have done this week is this panzer commander for the tiger. fairly simple as all black uniform can't wait to get some primer to get the tank finished and out of the way and back to normal wargame stuff.

just a quick note to mention i have seen the crazies this last week and top notch zombie film also seen was zombies of mass destruction billed as better than Shaun of the dead (don't think so) funny in places but falls short of the mark in the long run..

Thursday, 18 March 2010

another day, another parcel

another day goes by and the postman brings another parcel to me, my first eBay item this year that i won,
the flames of war intro set open fire. a smaller version of the rules with 5 ready to roll tanks.
2 stug's and 3 Sherman's these will no doubt end up with my pacific forces the stugs im not yet sure as they are no good for the western desert.
and if i don't like the rules at least the money spent make the tanks worth while.
just a shame they don't make some more ready to roll armour just glue the gun on and start painting.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

stargate and firefly

Monday night i placed a order with ground zero games for some new stargate figures as i normally wait and then they are deleted, to my surprise they came in today's post. and apart from the speed they got to me i am impressed with them, 15mm scale sci fi is fairly new to me as for the quality they are as good as 20mm for detail, the jaffa guards are half armoured (hopefully they are doing full armoured) all with staff weapons and come in 6 to a pack as they are larger than the humans

sg1 the 'heroes' along with the other sg team figures would fit into any AK47 type game as they are all armed with P12 smg's and light kit.

also added to the order as i was taken with them was the crew from the serenity one pack with 2 of each of the main people

and one other with the rest of the crew all can be identified due to good sculpting i also got a pack of wheeled drones to use as malps
as for rules no doubt i can find some and its another project for me lol...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

the pacific,

last night i managed to watch the first episode of the pacific, the new 'band of brothers' mini series set in ww2 in the far east,
it starts out the same as 'b o b' interviews with the veterans and so far I'm impressed with the first episode, more of a get to know the cast intro with a hint of more to come.
all thanks to on line TV no adverts just programs when you want to watch them.

i also went to the club, a few games on didn't get to join in any but still saw some friends

and tonight i did a bit more to my tiger, more zimerit this time on the turret I'm getting the hang of the zimerit now.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

tiger, vietnam and more germans

well busy week is had by all i finally started my 1/35th tiger kit even going as far as doing zimerit!!! this is my first attempt at it and using a saw blade and model putty im pleased with the results,
might even do some in 20mm scale just need a smaller saw blade.

i added this bulkhead to paint the engine bay black so as not to show white in the vents on the engine deck

i also added some shells and ammo boxes and a check plate floor, not going to win prizes for being correct but when the hatches are left open at least it will look like something is inside.
the shells are from the modern equipment set from italeri

also today i finished my 1/100 scale skyhawk for Vietnam games just in case i have to call in for a broken arrow if the gooks get too close....

finally this week i finished this rapid fire battalion made using the italeri elite Germans with some Africa corps and the pak 40 with crew added from those sets as well.
a shame they still make the German mg gunner with the wall or box but at least the plastic is harder and paints up better.

the pak 40 and crew set is very nice hopefully they will do more gun sets like this one. even for other nations.

so tomorrow i have a game at the club, AK47 is on the menu and hopefully the dice will be in my favour lol...

Friday, 12 March 2010


here are the last of my 120mm scale sample figures i was given to see if the man selling them at air shows etc wants them painted by myself

its a strange scale to work in as all the normal tricks don't work as well with the larger figures, but i could easy do 20+ a week if not more
the nurse with baby not sure if i got the uniform right but it looks ok to me

arp warden with rescued baby

modern pilot very easy to do

Sunday, 7 March 2010

weekend disaster

well this weekend ended in disaster with my hot water tank giving up the ghost, so i am now sat here with no heating and no hot water for the next few days until it gets fixed,
a shame as i had a game planed for Monday night at the club, depending on how long it takes to get the old tank out i could make the club later even if only to use their heat to get warm lol.

so on to the painting side the German inf battalion from last week finished off

the new italeri afrika korps hard plastic battalion very impressed these painted up a treat, even got the bases done so if i do make the club tomorrow these could get an airing before being put on eBay...

also done today are some sample figures i have been given to see it the seller likes my painting style to commission me to do more on a regular basis, all are 120mm scale aimed for sale at air shows so most are air force related.
this fighter pilot came up well but still a few air holes i missed when cleaning up

a waaf figure easy to do but getting used to a larger figure is not easy

a late war German infantry figure lacking in detail in my opinion for the scale but its not aimed at the collector/wargamer market