Sunday, 7 March 2010

weekend disaster

well this weekend ended in disaster with my hot water tank giving up the ghost, so i am now sat here with no heating and no hot water for the next few days until it gets fixed,
a shame as i had a game planed for Monday night at the club, depending on how long it takes to get the old tank out i could make the club later even if only to use their heat to get warm lol.

so on to the painting side the German inf battalion from last week finished off

the new italeri afrika korps hard plastic battalion very impressed these painted up a treat, even got the bases done so if i do make the club tomorrow these could get an airing before being put on eBay...

also done today are some sample figures i have been given to see it the seller likes my painting style to commission me to do more on a regular basis, all are 120mm scale aimed for sale at air shows so most are air force related.
this fighter pilot came up well but still a few air holes i missed when cleaning up

a waaf figure easy to do but getting used to a larger figure is not easy

a late war German infantry figure lacking in detail in my opinion for the scale but its not aimed at the collector/wargamer market

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