Sunday, 28 March 2010

busy weekend

after watching the pacific i was inspired to make some shore based naval guns for my 15mm japs with no luck in finding any suitable guns i tried modifying the italeri Italian 90mm a/t gun.
as it is a cheap kit but it leaves the crew as spares for another project.
the next ones i think will look better with a small plinth to mount the gun on and maybe lower the gun a bit.

i also picked up some of the new armour fast panther tanks from HAT as the model shop had both the italeri fast build and these i opted for these due ti the simple fact that the command hatch can be built open or closed and they are a quid cheaper to buy also helped.

as well as trying out the italeri new American infantry, i have had a busy weekend, my opinion of these figures is not bad but making a r/f battalion is only possible with adding the 60mm mortar from the anti tank team box (even if he is a us para) and for some reason they put a tank commander in for the co. but as there are only 48 figures in the box they have to be used to make the unit.
and just a note to say as i was in wicks getting some bits i needed i picked up some black primer spray, anyone thinking of getting some, don't. it take hours to dry but it covers the plastics ok. next time ill go for car primer even if it means going to another shop, lol...


  1. I just got a couple of the Hat Panthers, really nice model for the money, except that the MG bulge on the hull is huge! What's up with that?

  2. the mg is from valiant normandy germans