Wednesday, 17 March 2010

stargate and firefly

Monday night i placed a order with ground zero games for some new stargate figures as i normally wait and then they are deleted, to my surprise they came in today's post. and apart from the speed they got to me i am impressed with them, 15mm scale sci fi is fairly new to me as for the quality they are as good as 20mm for detail, the jaffa guards are half armoured (hopefully they are doing full armoured) all with staff weapons and come in 6 to a pack as they are larger than the humans

sg1 the 'heroes' along with the other sg team figures would fit into any AK47 type game as they are all armed with P12 smg's and light kit.

also added to the order as i was taken with them was the crew from the serenity one pack with 2 of each of the main people

and one other with the rest of the crew all can be identified due to good sculpting i also got a pack of wheeled drones to use as malps
as for rules no doubt i can find some and its another project for me lol...

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