Tuesday, 28 July 2009

victory favours the brave

A 'Mexican wave' followed by cheers of victory by the dictator force commander with no 'help' needed for his followers.

general Shag of the great dictator army of free toombe rebels.
savours in the sweet taste of victory after destroying the toombe terrorist government troops.

yes we won the first game of new ak47 2009 edition. the rules are different from the first version
the game flows along with tactics and luck being needed to win. It also helps to have a balanced force, damn peter pig i thought my dictator army was finished but i could do with some more troop options i think.

for a first time playing the set up was slow, to be expected with any new set of rules as i had to make my force choices up on the night with not yet having a copy of the rules,
i liked the "15 days to war" and the chance to gain extras for your army. the table set up at first i thought the table size of 6 x 3 foot was small but it played ok (just used to big tables i guess) after deciding i was the attacker by the 15 days to war we set up our forces and the war started.

at first i was cautious not to rush into anything, but need not worry as the gods of war and D6's were on my side so after deploying the mighty guns my only professional unit a shooting match started with my guns and martins armoured cars, several shots later and two smoking A/C's on the table saw off the threat of them.

with my militia in the mood for a fight they charged home on a dug in unit and won and even passed their morale (luck was on my side i think) after that enemy reinforcements started arriving on my flank but after sitting out most of the game my SU100's turned up to help see of the panzer IV and the militia troops with it, not before the had destroyed most of my artillery unit though

with the time getting on the game was ended at midnight with 3 points left on the count down and the count up for victory was done, as i had all 3 objectives and had destroyed some armoured cars i had the most dice to roll and got a resounding victory

so the pros for the rules seem to be better staying power for all units despite taking heavy losses
good game but my only disappointment is the use of cards to indicate what each unit has done, these are supposed to be temporary as peter pig have not yet made the moved/shoot markers but i have some ideas to make a few if needed

Sunday, 26 July 2009

another week another battalion

another week goes by and another battalion is built/painted and listed on evilbay, one day i will be able to keep some of the battalions i have done.

so here is another German unit with pak 40 a/t gun this time. mostly made from the classic Germans with parts from the Normandy Germans and some of the spare American bits. in total 51 figures finished this week. with the command units done, and i have had a re supply but only got a box of British and Germans in Normandy

but i also got the italieri fence set

a bit of a disappointment as the hard plastic will not take to plastic glue very well

i got them with the intention of scenic effect on the infantry bases but i will have to find some glue that will hold them properly

tomorrow should be a game of new ak47 a report will follow if the toombe terrorists are brave enough to turn up and do battle.

command groups

this week i have finished these command groups for blitzkrieg commander
the first being the German op team with the ketenkrad from academy models as are the jeep and kubelwagen,
seeing as they cant be attacked and only killed my chance by arty
i decided to have a go at some scenic bases

this command group is for infantry units

this American command group is from an idea from Kelly's heroes i tried to write 'cleremont' on the sign but didn't do it well enough

Sunday, 19 July 2009

the last germans

after a week without motivation i built this German battalion on Friday night, undercoated and painted by Sunday lunch, and another battalion built and undercoated as well.
in total 84 figures in 2 days,
i also after seeing some other valiant figures at the club last Monday with hats/helmets tilted at various angles by trimming the bare head and re gluing the helmet in place giving a new look to the figures.
so not one to be held back i gave it a go, with the German officers hats at a angle also tried the 43 cap and one helmet, but the helmet doesn't look right.

also after watching a few games of blitzkrieg commander i came up with these headquarters bases and op base. so far they are work in progress but with the academy model kits coming with engines it made sense to make a small diorama base to make them stand out on the table, i have some ideas for armoured units but nothing finished yet.

this jeep idea came from Kelly's heroes after the vehicles were shot up by their own air force so i made 'crapgame' and 'cowboy' walking past Kelly carrying the .30 cal mmg,

this kuble idea is more of "were out of gas, you go over there and fetch us some as you let it run out"

this week i managed to see BRUNO and i must say i have not laughed so much in ages, in typical Sasha style he fools everyone again to make this film, i would hate to think what would happen to him if he was caught by the people he was fooling.
go and see it, worth watching again just to see what was missed first time round.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

more british inf and kill zone

an interesting week, very busy at work, with not much inspiration for painting during the week, only minor progress made. however this was made up for over the weekend.

this latest British infantry battalion with many conversion figures as i did not have enough to make the battalion if you look closely at the pictures the officer with map has had a few changes i like the one of him with the Thompson and also the Bren with a new arm added from green stuff but i could do with more practice on that side of the hobby.

so in total finished for the week is 53 British infantry already listed on evil bay and looking for a new home.

now as the lead mountain is now a mole hill i today turned to some undercoated kill zone figures, having not played the game in a few years these have been sitting on the side in a box waiting for me to carry on with them.

so today i did, first on the bench are the corporate babes from coplestone castings now these are only WIP and are not finished most done was this dark lady with no fashion sense and in the background is MR T and Murdock from foundry's 'b' team. not their best casts but Ive had them so long i assume their are recast better now.

speaking of recasts today anglian miniatures was sold to empress miniatures (never heard of them until today)
a company run by two women doing Zulu wars in 28mm scale, so hopefully the Spanish civil war will continue under new owners lol.
tomorrow night we will be playing AK47 new rules at the club a report Will follow and maybe the UN can have their revenge on the toombe terrorists

Sunday, 5 July 2009

rome painted in a day, lol

well its been a hot week and i felt like doing nothing at times but soldiered on to try to get something done, so here as you can see is my roman Praetorian guard unit for the impetus rules i found last week on the net,
20 figures based on one base 12 x 6 cm in size to give them a sense of depth and also painted without using the army painter dip method. as i find it quicker this way as the dip takes a day to dry then you have to matt coat another day etc,

also done this weekend is a valiant British battalion built/converted as i didn't have enough rifle armed figures i started cutting them up and making the figures needed, with the help of some green stuff for the gaps etc they are now ready for undercoating

just one thing to add a new film coming soon is daybrakers, about vampires taken over the world and only a handful of humans left, etc looks good having seen the trailer.