Tuesday, 28 July 2009

victory favours the brave

A 'Mexican wave' followed by cheers of victory by the dictator force commander with no 'help' needed for his followers.

general Shag of the great dictator army of free toombe rebels.
savours in the sweet taste of victory after destroying the toombe terrorist government troops.

yes we won the first game of new ak47 2009 edition. the rules are different from the first version
the game flows along with tactics and luck being needed to win. It also helps to have a balanced force, damn peter pig i thought my dictator army was finished but i could do with some more troop options i think.

for a first time playing the set up was slow, to be expected with any new set of rules as i had to make my force choices up on the night with not yet having a copy of the rules,
i liked the "15 days to war" and the chance to gain extras for your army. the table set up at first i thought the table size of 6 x 3 foot was small but it played ok (just used to big tables i guess) after deciding i was the attacker by the 15 days to war we set up our forces and the war started.

at first i was cautious not to rush into anything, but need not worry as the gods of war and D6's were on my side so after deploying the mighty guns my only professional unit a shooting match started with my guns and martins armoured cars, several shots later and two smoking A/C's on the table saw off the threat of them.

with my militia in the mood for a fight they charged home on a dug in unit and won and even passed their morale (luck was on my side i think) after that enemy reinforcements started arriving on my flank but after sitting out most of the game my SU100's turned up to help see of the panzer IV and the militia troops with it, not before the had destroyed most of my artillery unit though

with the time getting on the game was ended at midnight with 3 points left on the count down and the count up for victory was done, as i had all 3 objectives and had destroyed some armoured cars i had the most dice to roll and got a resounding victory

so the pros for the rules seem to be better staying power for all units despite taking heavy losses
good game but my only disappointment is the use of cards to indicate what each unit has done, these are supposed to be temporary as peter pig have not yet made the moved/shoot markers but i have some ideas to make a few if needed

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