Sunday, 19 July 2009

the last germans

after a week without motivation i built this German battalion on Friday night, undercoated and painted by Sunday lunch, and another battalion built and undercoated as well.
in total 84 figures in 2 days,
i also after seeing some other valiant figures at the club last Monday with hats/helmets tilted at various angles by trimming the bare head and re gluing the helmet in place giving a new look to the figures.
so not one to be held back i gave it a go, with the German officers hats at a angle also tried the 43 cap and one helmet, but the helmet doesn't look right.

also after watching a few games of blitzkrieg commander i came up with these headquarters bases and op base. so far they are work in progress but with the academy model kits coming with engines it made sense to make a small diorama base to make them stand out on the table, i have some ideas for armoured units but nothing finished yet.

this jeep idea came from Kelly's heroes after the vehicles were shot up by their own air force so i made 'crapgame' and 'cowboy' walking past Kelly carrying the .30 cal mmg,

this kuble idea is more of "were out of gas, you go over there and fetch us some as you let it run out"

this week i managed to see BRUNO and i must say i have not laughed so much in ages, in typical Sasha style he fools everyone again to make this film, i would hate to think what would happen to him if he was caught by the people he was fooling.
go and see it, worth watching again just to see what was missed first time round.

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