Sunday, 27 June 2010

more yanks

just when the end is in sight fir this painting contract (only 3 more battalions to go) after finishing the latest American unit and assembling the next despite the hot weather.

his friends have asked for another 45 battalions doing,
at least the wargame kitty will be well stocked up and no eBay fees as well. guess ill be doing these up to Xmas , still it gives the months total a good boost.

but for my own stuff i have started the scw barricade from empress miniatures so at least i have got something to keep lol.
as for the hot weather and having my daughters stopping over for the weekend they wanted to go swimming, due to the match being on i think i was the only male in the pool at one point today and plenty of space to swim in as well.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

another weekend and 96 American infantry finished for commission, so far i have 6 battalions ready to post out the 7th has been cleaned up and stuck to bases but the rest are in the post somewhere awaiting delivery from an on line store.
i think after this lot is done i will get on with some of my stuff for a change, the money is nice but it is hard going at times to paint for sale all the time.

i did manage to get some time off, and made the mistake of watching Killers, not the best film, amusing in places but a poor attempt to be the new MR & MRS Smith film, but having seen a trailer for night & day tom cruise new film that does look promising

Saturday, 19 June 2010

scw general

in between doing the latest figures for sale i managed to fit this Spanish civil war falangest general figure, he is from the force of arms scw range but not in their catalogue only available in resin as a special order fig, behind is the force of arms Bilbao armoured car

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

today i managed to finish 10 vehicle crew figures all from AB figures, and for a change these are for me not for sale, nice sculpts but for the price of them i would expect them to be good...
also today my last purchase from partizan arrived, a Huey slick from QRF, it's not even worth a picture it is bad compared to the battlefront ones, it will take a bit of work to get it looking something

Sunday, 13 June 2010

2 more battalions

another week goes by and 2 more German battalions are done inside a week.
total 84 figures done.

all are italeri German elite troops with italeri dak mixed in and airfix gun crew again.

also this weekend 2 American battalions have been assembled and stuck to bases 96 figures in total. next task to see if i can get them done for next weekend to keep on track for the 10 battalion commission I'm working on, we shall see....

comparision shots

i was asked for some comparision shots of the new armour fast hanomag as most of my stuff is 15mm scale this is the best i can do.

italeri yank infantry on penny base

esci / italeri wespe

airfix sherman
hasegawa swimwagen with foundry crew

hasegawa hanomag with pak 40

armorfast hanomag

at long last its here, after waiting for over 2 years armour fast have finally released the sdkfz 251/1 hanomag half track.
it went together nice but the track guards could have done with more locating holes as you need to hold them in place until the glue sets. a simple kit that needs add on kits to make the many variants, lucky for me my spares box has a few esci extras in it so i can make a few other variants.
the crew figure is from italeri but they could do with stowage adding from the valiant spares box

Sunday, 6 June 2010


an interesting week, finished 42 fallschirmjager yesterday all from the new italeri tropical German para box, nice figures but some of the detail could have been better,
i went back to white primer to try to get a brighter look to them and for trying out different base colours for the splinter patten smocks
but the blue looks too light in the pictures so next time i will go with a darker blue

i also started another 2 German battalions in the week, so far they are almost half way done, but i think i will need a change to keep up the momentum for this contract.

after everyone saying how good avatar was i was lent a copy to see if i liked it, well after two attempt to watch it (fell asleep first time), switched it off after an hour second time, can't see what the fuss is about, poor graphics when they land on the planet, very slow story and i lost interest and gave up on it.
glad i didn't pay to see it. another film with too much hype and incoherent story in my opinion

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

robin hood

today i managed to watch the new robin hood film staring Russell crowe, what can i say 1000% better than the BBC TV series (but that's not difficult),
not the normal story about robin and Sherwood Forrest.
with the ending of the film if they make a follow up that would be a good place to go with the film.
Russell is very good as robin. i had no problem with his accent unlike the film reviewers,
a good film full of sword fights, humor, action well worth going to see
Russell on top form again.