Sunday, 25 July 2010

at last something for me.

at long last ive painted some figures up for myself, it seems strange after doing so many for other people to do myself some figures.
not bad as on Saturday after work i went down to Norwich and across to duxford with a friend to collect a couple of model kit collections, i was in a merc sprinter with 4 meter load area and we filled it to capacity, never known one person to have so many unmade kits

anyway the figures i have done are the foundry German air crew i know the condor legion had a brown uniform and side caps not peaked caps but as they are also for ww2 the will have to do for both games with rescue the crew as a scenario type of game. just need a 1/48 scale bomber to make as a wreck for terrain

also still on the Spanish civil war era more Spanish foreign legion figures just needing matt varnish and static grass adding .

and i also finished this Italian 90mm gun in 1/72 scale but in 15mm scale it makes a good ex navy ship gun mounted for shore defence also needing grass adding and matt varnish.



aspromised the new grimsby wargames site is now live, please feel free to join in if you wish

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

grimsby wargames club web site

for anyone who has noticed and wondered were the grimsby wargame club web site has gone, it was being looked after by a club member who has decided he no longer wants to maintain it and it has now ceased to be there.
a new site will be up and running soon as far as i am aware along the lines of a site/gallery/forum type site.

not sure why Jason gave up on the site after doing such a good job over the years but these things happen from time to time.

as soon as i have the new site address i will post it here and hope people pas it on,

Sunday, 18 July 2010

work in progress

after a gruelling task of painting almost 500 figures it has been a nice rest to do little and that little is something for myself.
so far i have a small squad of Spanish foreign legion on the go along with the foundry downed German air crew both for the Spanish civil war project but the air crew could do for the rest of ww2 as well. a nice little set but not at today's prices, had these air crew for a good few years now and paid less than a quid a figure for foundry 28mm says how long i've had them..

this empress barricade is almost finished just needing some static grass on the base after a matt varnish and something has been finished this week...
as its been a relaxing week i picked up a copy of captain correlli's mandolin one of those films that passed me by for a good few years and i was quite surprised to see the correct equipment for the Italians ans Germans for a war film made before saving private Ryan, story was ok very impressed all round with it, now i suppose its back to the rapid fire battalions with some of my own bits added in to brake up the pace a bit.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

2 days and 91 figures done

at long last i have finished my 10 rapid fire battalions for commission work, a hard slog it has been at times with this last 2 units being finished off this week end, in fact the Americans were only undercoated at 7am this morning and now they are done. another 91 figures for the monthly total.

and for my next paint job i have started to clean up some empress Spanish foreign legion for the scw project

also included in today's lot is this us para in an attempt to get the Normandy uniform right, under normal light this looks ok but not under flash light.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

june total

at last summer is here, England lose at football/tennis etc so must mean summer is here for real. i was beginning to wonder what the big yellow ball in the sky was!!!

anyway after a busy month in June i was surprised to count up and end up with 281 figs finished off,
also despite being ill for some of this week i managed to finish 48 Americans and get half way into a German battalion, so a good start to the month.

as i'm almost at the end of the first contract i have started looking at other plastic figures due to the local model shop not having what i need i will need to look online, so far Pegasus, Cesar, revell/esci are looking good. having not tried most of these before it should be interesting to see new plastic company's figures..