Sunday, 18 July 2010

work in progress

after a gruelling task of painting almost 500 figures it has been a nice rest to do little and that little is something for myself.
so far i have a small squad of Spanish foreign legion on the go along with the foundry downed German air crew both for the Spanish civil war project but the air crew could do for the rest of ww2 as well. a nice little set but not at today's prices, had these air crew for a good few years now and paid less than a quid a figure for foundry 28mm says how long i've had them..

this empress barricade is almost finished just needing some static grass on the base after a matt varnish and something has been finished this week...
as its been a relaxing week i picked up a copy of captain correlli's mandolin one of those films that passed me by for a good few years and i was quite surprised to see the correct equipment for the Italians ans Germans for a war film made before saving private Ryan, story was ok very impressed all round with it, now i suppose its back to the rapid fire battalions with some of my own bits added in to brake up the pace a bit.

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