Sunday, 4 July 2010

june total

at last summer is here, England lose at football/tennis etc so must mean summer is here for real. i was beginning to wonder what the big yellow ball in the sky was!!!

anyway after a busy month in June i was surprised to count up and end up with 281 figs finished off,
also despite being ill for some of this week i managed to finish 48 Americans and get half way into a German battalion, so a good start to the month.

as i'm almost at the end of the first contract i have started looking at other plastic figures due to the local model shop not having what i need i will need to look online, so far Pegasus, Cesar, revell/esci are looking good. having not tried most of these before it should be interesting to see new plastic company's figures..

1 comment:

  1. Pegasus are great figures, Caesar are nice poses but some models suffer from poorly realised weapons and the plastic is soft and prone to setting in bent positions. New Italieri moulds use a weird plastic that needs a damn good clean to get rid of release agent and a spray undercoat and some of the poses are too static for my tastes. Waterloo 1815 are some nice figures...