Sunday, 28 February 2010

end of feb total

after a slow start to the month i ended up doing 151 infantry finished off and 1 crashed Huey. not bad but yesterday i built 2 infantry battalions using italeri plastic figures.

the first of my IA DRANG pavn units, battalion HQ with hmg section very easy to do and i will probably fly through them.

my second infantry battalion for evil bay another 42 valiant figures just need the bases finishing off.

the first italeri battalion 99% from one box the newer hard plastic DAK apart from the mg42 mounted on the boxes they come from the elite German set and will do as mmg sections

the second italeri battalion from the elite German set with the pak 40 and crew added
making 86 figures assembled and based and started in the week end.
i don't know why but plastic figure company's never seem to do nice mortars or put a tripod mmg for the Germans yet the allies get vickers/30 cal/50 cal etc hopefully the new plastic soldier company will alter that, first up Russians minus the support weapons they come in another pack followed up with mid war Germans again minus the support weapons
hopefully they will be ok

Friday, 26 February 2010

just seen it today what a good action film, Travolta over the top acting with a body count to match.
simple plot, terrorists planning a hit in Paris enter Travolta to save the day
excellent film worth going to see gets my vote.
also watched this week was outpost 'Nazis/zombie horror film'
not bad, but if you have seen deathwatch or aliens then most of the ideas come from them both, still it passed away a couple of hours

Sunday, 21 February 2010

huddesfield model show

another day out on the first show attended this year, due to early snow fall it looked like being a poor show but the mad die hards turned up and wgen the snow started to melt more followed.
the international plastic model show in Huddersfield, a first for me at this show again helping out a friend at heritage aviation models. so most of the day was spent selling but i did have time for a look around and a browse on the other stalls.
to my surprise i found nothing to buy, i was looking for 1/100 scale Huey's, C-47 gunships again in 1/100 but it seems to be a scale untouched by the plastic modelers...
i also tried to find some detailing sets for my 1/35 tiger kit but again found nothing, plenty for the rest of the tiger family but nothing for what is probably the most manufactured kit on the market in every scale possible.
so all i came away with is this book given to me for helping out, more of a catalogue about a 1938 exhibition staged during the Spanish civil war by the nationalists showing the captured equipment from the republic side
the interesting part is it is in English and not Spanish like most of my books on Spain. i was also given a esci wespe kit, no instructions but complete and unmade.
on the painting side the most that got done this week is matt varnishing about 100 figures and building 42 valiant Germans.
but i did manage to get to see legion and what a good film that is, much better than the road or the book of Eli i wont give any spoilers out only recommend that you don't miss it.
picked up on dvd this week was Leningrad so far i have only seen some of it and it looks like enemy at the gates type of film. i did spot a stug 3 ausfD in it but on the side view of it it was just a BMP made to look like one, still a good effort so far, and there is a knocked out 38t in some early scenes

Sunday, 14 February 2010


well i will not get time to get this batch based up but the painting side is finished, 52 8th Army figures in 15mm scale the total of the last few days work.

this motor infantry platoon has 27 men including weapons

the second half of my first 25pdr battery, only 4 more guns and crew to go to make the 8 gun battery!!!!!!!!

and this hmg platoon to complete this weeks figures

these are not mine, they have just been put up on the flames of war forum, 22 choppers, he also has a phantom and C47 gunship all 1/100 scale. impressive as well as mad, wish i could afford so many slicks.

even his terrain looks good, green fur matting simple and effective.
on to a last note it looks like i have just picked up my first commission for doing painted figures 16 German and American battalions for rapid fire
but i don't have a time on how quick they are needed for

Sunday, 7 February 2010

fortunate son

fortunate son, a song that goes with the Vietnam war like this slick, crashed dust off from battlefront minis, it took the best part of sat afternoon to put together and painted today, just needs dry brushing, markings and matt varnish & grass adding to finish off.
as always the first new model is slow to put together but some of the metal could have been cast in one in my view, still only 5 to go to finish of the 15mm Huey's i have including one more of these crashed ones...

also finished is my first German battalion for eBay for this year 42 figures from valiant miniatures. not a bad start to the month

so that's it for the modeling/painting side on TV, i managed to watch caprica the prequel to battlestar galactica, so far not very impressive ill give it a couple more episodes but its very slow and little sign of a space opera that is bsg

Thursday, 4 February 2010

it was expected

after reading on the flames of war site that they are ending the Vietnam range after the next production run it comes as no surprise as it was only done for a quick money making exercise.
lucky for me i got both army deals and i'm not afraid to go to another manufacturer for more troops.
but the Huey's they produce are the best i've seen in 15mm scale i have one die cast Huey but the doors are shut, the plastic kits are not easy to get hold of and the QRF one has had a lot of bad reviews for me to send for some 'blind' and the metal pencil sharpener Huey's are under scale so they cant mix but they will do for my AK47 army's

on a not so sure side i got one of these tamiya tigers in 1/35 scale today, having never made one when i was younger i just fancied doing one, but i didn't expect the tracks to be in individual links!!! ill keep updates going and see if i can build a good 1/35 scale kit after a long time away from them lol..
last night i watched the start of season 6 of LOST all i can say is excellent 'as Mr burns would say' can't wait for the next episode