Sunday, 23 August 2009

desert war

been a busy week building and painting, near to the end of my current amount of afrika korps, and built almost all of my 8th army stock, only leaving my second 25pdr battery and the LRDG to do.

this is my command tank for the panzer's but i may go for some panzer 1 command tanks instead.

the panzer's finished today, with the second tiger.....

two infantry platoons finished this week and only let down by the running out of basetex sand colour, still partizan is in a couple of weeks.

the mighty 8th army built and primed for painting
so the total for this week stands at 60 infantry, 11 vehicles and one zero finished with tons of 8th army started.
managed to get to see district 9 this week, very good film, most recommended and with some good ideas for skirmish games.
hoping to see inglorious basterds this week, tarrentino has not put out a bad film yet, and judging by the trailers for this one cant wait.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

crashed zero

well after seeing the bbmf aircraft i finally got on with my Pacific crashed plane marker after using the airfix 1/100 mini kit zero with some games workshop jungle trees and a German tank crew painted as the jap pilot, it took the shape it is now at.

a bailed out tank crewman making a good effort to look like the pilot, the yellow is an attempt to give jap navy aircrew rank markings,

also while at the battle of Britain memorial flight i found these Huey choppers pencil sharpeners and they are almost 1/100 scale, so far i have filled the rivet holes with filler and next is the painting, they will be used in my AK47 games and only costing £1.85 each a bargain

Monday, 17 August 2009


an interesting day as a VIP at the battle of Britain memorial flight, have you ever been somewhere and watched as VIPs get up close to things while you stay behind the barriers? well today i had that chance to go to the battle of Britain memorial flight and go around and inside the famous planes.
even though the pics are back to front in order of being taken they give a good idea of the day out.
the aircraft need no intro as everyone knows what is what, so the lancs nose art 'phantom of the Ruhr' from 100 squadron with some interesting missions on the side, yellow bombs are for normal missions, red for over Berlin and if you can see them ice cream cones for Italy missions

this shot was from a service hatch behind the top turret, i did get into that one but my friend who invited me on this jolly took those pics and i have not seen them yet.

this shot is looking the other way
this is the front turret taken from the bomb aimer's position

a view from the bomb aimer's spot viewing the hanger.

taken from the cockpit

the drivers seat, don't the controls look basic

this is a view from mid section next to the radio ops position

and again looking the other way

taken from a service hatch above the radio position

my Friend Ian sitting in a spitfire, i am waiting for his photo of me in it one to remember, and how cramped it is inside when the door is shut and the canopy closed

these are the flight being very well looked after

the spit we got to sit in, wonder if they would have missed it lol.

inside the flights Dakota dc3 very much how it would have looked and on the walls is writing from the para's dropped in the war name numbers etc still there they get masked over if it gets a repaint to keep them there.

and the last spitfire ever built it is nice to be able to get up close to these old planes and to see how badly they are made, gaps every were dints on panels etc
they were made to fight not to look good
and now they just look good.
one interesting point we were told today is that when the lanc is doing the poppy drops, it takes 3 ground crew 7 days to fill the bomb bay with Poppy's, and so far it has done 5 drops

Sunday, 16 August 2009

cleethorpes rocks ?

well this weekend was cleethorpes rocks music festival. not too well advertised for those like me that don't read the local rag, the headline act was the zutons/the proclaimers. early reports from people who went say the proclaimers were better. me couldn't care about those bands, but had there been better advertising i would have gone to see secret affair. reformed a couple of years ago and still going strong. me "i'm just another glory boy"
what a chance to see a band from my youth in my hometown gutted as i only found out about them on the afternoon of the festival...
any way after a week with little painting done due to having an operation on my back on Monday with it irritating me not much got done. until the weekend were i did these 3 eldar space ships and finished this German battalion of 42 figures as well
still want to scratch my back but can't as its healing

Sunday, 9 August 2009

these guys are popular

as these are supposed to be limited edition they seam to be popping up every were at the moment.
so not one to feel left out i was in the mood to do them as they were only undercoated from when i did Kelly's heroes figures. they are full of character and paint up well.
i will no doubt use them as commanders in my republican force for my scw army.

if it were not for the photos of this one i would not have put him in Spain but in gangster era Mexico still could if i repaint his hat.....

also finished this week with having a short brake from dull uniforms etc these 5 corporate babes from coplestone miniatures even though they look like the spice girls a bit they made a change to uniforms.

so not much finished this week total of 11 figures with the a team but lots started, one German battalion built and part done over the weekend, and 60 afrika korps in 15mm half painted as well as some panzer's and even built my dak artillery unit in 15mm scale
so what else have i done this week, watched transformers 2, not bad but not as good as the first one, just finished watching G.I. JOE not worth re watching but kids will no doubt like it.
also been following peter Jackson's new film the remake of the dambusters, going on his track record lord of the rings was great, king kong what a let down so bad it made me ask for a refund lol.
now his problem with this film is guy Gibson's dog nigger, he wants to change the dogs name as its not PC any more, why mess with history, no doubt the RAF will have a black man on guys aircrew just to be politically correct, stick to the truth and just make a good film is my opinion.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

the A team + 1

i just finished this babe with gun from my kill zone collection it only needed basing up but as i was doing the foundry b team it got finished.

so here i present the A team Hannibal is probably the best likeness followed by Mr t, face and Murdock look less like themselves

a bit of a change from ww2 20mm stuff but i doubt i will be playing kill zone games for a bit,
still the new A team film should be out soon so far only Liam Nielsen is confirmed as playing Hannibal and they are now Iraq war vets, just got to hope the amount of bullets fired do more than miss the targets lol