Sunday, 23 August 2009

desert war

been a busy week building and painting, near to the end of my current amount of afrika korps, and built almost all of my 8th army stock, only leaving my second 25pdr battery and the LRDG to do.

this is my command tank for the panzer's but i may go for some panzer 1 command tanks instead.

the panzer's finished today, with the second tiger.....

two infantry platoons finished this week and only let down by the running out of basetex sand colour, still partizan is in a couple of weeks.

the mighty 8th army built and primed for painting
so the total for this week stands at 60 infantry, 11 vehicles and one zero finished with tons of 8th army started.
managed to get to see district 9 this week, very good film, most recommended and with some good ideas for skirmish games.
hoping to see inglorious basterds this week, tarrentino has not put out a bad film yet, and judging by the trailers for this one cant wait.

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