Tuesday, 1 September 2009


well its the 1st September and i didn't have time to post at the weekend, partly due to finishing this 150cm heavy artillery battery in 15mm scale from flames of war, very nice they are as well, but a pain to paint as afrika korps,
not just as some of the figures are in smocks but as i like to base then paint with all the detail on the bases and not wanting to get paint on the sand colour base they were done in stages.
the staff base was painted old style then glued to the base after it was painted then i was left to struggle with the filling in the gaps in the bases

the full battery minus its transports they are only half done.

the battery HQ base i tried to add some red waffenfabre to these but it didn't show up in this pic very well.

a close up of one of the guns still needs gluing into position a nice set worth the time and investment on it.

Finlay a Matilda Mk 2 a old esci kit with a matchbox German commander with plenty of crosses to show a captured tank. 20mm scale for eBay. it has been sitting in a box half done for more years than i can remember lol,
so the total for the month only 200 but a good 200 with the afrika korps painting finished after the arty tractors are done until i get some more.....
but i will need to get transport for the last two platoons, some panzer 2's panzer command tanks etc oh and some ramke brigade German para's the list can go on and on.
but for now they are a playable force without cluttering up the table, and leaving room to maneuver

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