Tuesday, 29 September 2009

here are the finished zugs bases dry brushed and static grass added, despite their smaller scale i have added the red wafenfabre to the sholderboards and even gotten some eagles on the odd figure. mad but worth it as they stand out more
so the total painted for September was only 129 figures/vehicles completed, plenty started but work always comes first as no money means no toys.....

close up of zug crew note the red wafenfabre and the white eagle
and these are only 15mm scale

i have been asked how i get the colour for the afrika korps, so for anyone interested here go's

the method was told to me by Colin rumford of rapid fire 'fame' when we were developing the rules at the grimsby club, many years ago....

the basic method was humbrol sand 63 i think, washed in black oil paint, and dry brushed back into sand followed by a linen colour for highlight.

over time i changed the paint colours to my own choice. this lot of DAK were painted with games workshop desert yellow over a white base coat. (note; do not try black as it will not work as well) next wash in GW black varying the amount of water, next dry brush desert yellow , followed by dry brush of Vallejo Iraqi sand, add decals and final light dry brush of bleached bone/any linen colour.

now this method will take time to get right or how you want it to look, but no 2 vehicles in the desert ever look the same as sand changes the colours all the time.
Rommel and the command group are done the same as my dak infantry a wash of GW desert yellow 50/50 water and paint over a white undercoat followed by a wash of catachan green over the sand again alter the amount of water for different looks as the uniforms faded in the desert.

finally this captured 8th army truck is painted in desert yellow followed by Vallejo dark sand heavy dry brush over that and a linen colour for a final highlight.

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