Sunday, 6 September 2009

the other partizan

despite the weather looking dull this show was much better than the 1st partizan show.
better looking games and not too busy compered to the last one. no 'British civil war' games in sight this time, mind you not many ww2 games either. the great war seems to be the in thing at the moment, better done this show than the last.

this game by gripping beast Russian/Turks 1916 with a very nice looking train.

a good likeness for uncle Joe Stalin

nice looking WSS game on a very big table,

another train on this ACW game in 28mm scale

this one was very eye catching with the harbour and ships in the background, a Spanish Napoleonic game 1810 era pit on by the bramley barn wargames group.

the terrain would suit a pirates skirmish game with very little changes needed...

another nice looking ww1 game with an italieri house from 1/72 scale looking ok with these 28mm figures.

a nice rail road embankment for the french to fall down

the only ww2 game on show from touching history, 28's scale again

nice looking trench not too many figures

i didn't notice the blue tac until i saw the picture i will make the board section more useful

a nice RIF wars game by rifraf from falkirk a very nice fort on simple terrain boards

Ethiopia 1930's style by James Morris different

and full of caratuer, a nice vignette

and from norf ull wargames club the Russian revolt with more trains, anyone would think wargames are turning into model railway followers lol...

in all a good day out, many purchases starting with some 15mm japs from peter pig, surprising as i met up with Dom of Dom's decals ex grimsby club member and he too is doing japs but with the British 14th army and me with the marines..
some more SCW figures from empress i have asked if they will be doing civil guard heads hopefully they will.. for conversions on the hmg crews for one.
i did get the mid war monsters zugkraftwagen 12t 88mm tank hunter set, not doing early war but you never know and if i do and they stop making them etc etc. best to get them now they will always keep...
Finlay the free figure Clyde. nice not sure were to use him the scw would be a good place time wise.

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