Sunday, 20 September 2009

pacific 2

after watching the pacific trailer, i am looking forward to the 10 episodes and have been slowly building my pacific wargame army's
this week i was going to start on my japs i got from partizan but after finding out i forgot to get the lmg teams they will have to wait.
i have done my marine 75mm pak howitzer battery and my 105mm battery, but i only have 2 105mm guns as i also forgot to pick them up at partizan as well!!!

also done this week is my professional troops for AK47 these are for my UN backed force and have been done to look like SAS troops.

my dead marines for use as markers when playing blitzkrieg commander not sure if i have enough but they will look better than the plastic pips they use at the club, (in my view anyway)
still also need to get some jap dead and afrika korps dead, (peter pig order adding up already lol)

my 2 complete 105 howitzers the other bases are done but need the guns !!!

Finlay a bit of light relief on painting uniforms this is the 28mm foundry B team figure to go with the b team set i did last month, paint job kept simple with mostly washes and highlighting her only use in games would be as a bystander.
anyway total for the week is at 73 figures/guns finished,
i have also finished my dak 15mm with the basetex for the bases, but it is not the same as all the other Batches i have had as it looks very thin and seems to have sawdust in it not sand, lucky for me i kept my last sand jar and after tipping some of it in i then spent some time adding the sand, the brown is the same as well, very annoying, next time i should open them at the show to check the quality...
speaking of quality i have gotten hold of ANZAC'S the TV show about the great war, not having seen it for 20 years it still looks good today, just a shame you can only get it on R4 coding discs, but it was worth getting

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