Sunday, 31 January 2010

into the nam

after a busy week with not much sign of a brush being picked up the last 2 days have seen lots going on the table.. first up is a good start on 42 valiant Germans that should be finished in the week, but a very fast paint job on these flashpoint miniatures main force vc.

i know that the black PJ's were not as common as Hollywood would have us all believe but as they are 15mm scale it makes them easy to identify on the table

they are not the best castings i've seen in this scale and priming them in white to paint black may seen odd but as i do a lot of work in washes they turn out ok

some of victor charles big brothers 28mm scale from baker company finally got based this month along with two dead vc, the rest of this platoon were done about 8 years ago and i still have an NVA platoon to do as well

so the total for January is a disappointing 56 figures, but my living room got done as well but that don't count to the monthly totals lol.
on the film/tv side of things dollhouse had a good season end hopefully they will do a 3rd season as i like joss whedon stuff.
survivors is getting interesting, and lost is back in Feb for its last season so we should find out everything in the end but i doubt it somehow...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

films to see

max manus man of war, a dvd i picked up in asda for £3 well worth watching even if it is mostly in subtitles with a small amount of English when he was in England.
a true story about the Oslo gang in ww2
it is a slow film to start but very compelling to watch and the vehicles are all good not a modern tank to be seen, even a hotchkis H39 is seen in the film.

recommended to watch even at the cheap price.
also on the film side i have seen the book of Eli another post apocalyptic film very slow and you have to see it all before you know what its all about. as this seems to be the trend with films at the moment hopefully legion will be better as the Eli film is slow like the road

on the figure front i have managed to build a German battalion in 20mm scale and a vc platoon in 15mm scale so things are starting to move in the right direction at long last

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

back to normal

well after a short absence doing the decorating all now done i can get back to doing some proper painting,
so far I've only based up my warlord us para's i still need better lighting but these will do for now.
also just arrived today from battlefront, both army deals for Vietnam, boy the Huey's look good can't wait to start them, ill have to get the fow rules to play this version of the Nam i think.
if you have not yet seen daybrakers, go see it, very good take on the vampire films, also some good ideas for games as well.

this is i think my fave figure from the warlord box set, painted up a treat and looks like he's been in France for a good few days, i also painted the field dressing as patching him up on the arm .

Sunday, 10 January 2010

snow good week

well i have to say the flashpoint's UK distributor are very quick on delivery as for the figures, not sure on them yet, casting looks ok, small amounts of flash. detail could be better but they may paint up ok, the American platoon is a strange set as there are no M60's in the pack just M16's and M79's i know there was an organisation of the platoon with the 60's in support mode but in practice from what i've read the M60 was in each section to give better fire support.

the VC on the other had come with RPD's and RPG's in the pack. also same casting but some of the poses are poor and wooden looking.
so apart from some matt varnishing the only painting i've done this week is the front room as it needs re decorating!!!!!

i have managed to get to see the road not a bad film, but slow and even though its a post apocalyptic don't expect much action as its not that type of film.
with all the snow i took the kids to the countryside for some sledging down the hill sides great fun and it was busy on the hill as lots of people had the same idea...

Sunday, 3 January 2010

new year, new start

well the old year has ended and a new one started, looking back not a bad year started out bad and only went from better to better for me. the painting total was less than i expected only doing 2007 figures, 76 vehicles and 8 buildings, one plane and 2 Huey's. film and TV highlights for me zombieland, inglorious bastards, 2012, spring to mind as good stand out films. so looking forward to 2010 on the horizon is the new Dr who, second season of survivors and the final season of lost to look forward to and not forgetting pacific the band of brothers style series set in the pacific following some us marines in the war.

so far painting wise i have finished the first for 2010 BAM screaming eagles 22 us paras i got just before Xmas and finished today apart from basing, these were interesting to do as i had to re watch some band of brothers episodes but from some views the uniforms look green and others look like i have done them.
ill re do the pictures when based for better lighting shots.

also looking forward to getting to the post office tomorrow to collect my flashpoint minis for the new Vietnam project in 15mm then next week i will be ordering the flames of war army sets, but due to high demand they have run out and are re casting stocks .

also over the Christmas break i managed to see some old Nam films, boys in company c and uncommon valor
both good in their own way.