Wednesday, 27 January 2010

films to see

max manus man of war, a dvd i picked up in asda for £3 well worth watching even if it is mostly in subtitles with a small amount of English when he was in England.
a true story about the Oslo gang in ww2
it is a slow film to start but very compelling to watch and the vehicles are all good not a modern tank to be seen, even a hotchkis H39 is seen in the film.

recommended to watch even at the cheap price.
also on the film side i have seen the book of Eli another post apocalyptic film very slow and you have to see it all before you know what its all about. as this seems to be the trend with films at the moment hopefully legion will be better as the Eli film is slow like the road

on the figure front i have managed to build a German battalion in 20mm scale and a vc platoon in 15mm scale so things are starting to move in the right direction at long last

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