Sunday, 3 January 2010

new year, new start

well the old year has ended and a new one started, looking back not a bad year started out bad and only went from better to better for me. the painting total was less than i expected only doing 2007 figures, 76 vehicles and 8 buildings, one plane and 2 Huey's. film and TV highlights for me zombieland, inglorious bastards, 2012, spring to mind as good stand out films. so looking forward to 2010 on the horizon is the new Dr who, second season of survivors and the final season of lost to look forward to and not forgetting pacific the band of brothers style series set in the pacific following some us marines in the war.

so far painting wise i have finished the first for 2010 BAM screaming eagles 22 us paras i got just before Xmas and finished today apart from basing, these were interesting to do as i had to re watch some band of brothers episodes but from some views the uniforms look green and others look like i have done them.
ill re do the pictures when based for better lighting shots.

also looking forward to getting to the post office tomorrow to collect my flashpoint minis for the new Vietnam project in 15mm then next week i will be ordering the flames of war army sets, but due to high demand they have run out and are re casting stocks .

also over the Christmas break i managed to see some old Nam films, boys in company c and uncommon valor
both good in their own way.

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