Sunday, 10 January 2010

snow good week

well i have to say the flashpoint's UK distributor are very quick on delivery as for the figures, not sure on them yet, casting looks ok, small amounts of flash. detail could be better but they may paint up ok, the American platoon is a strange set as there are no M60's in the pack just M16's and M79's i know there was an organisation of the platoon with the 60's in support mode but in practice from what i've read the M60 was in each section to give better fire support.

the VC on the other had come with RPD's and RPG's in the pack. also same casting but some of the poses are poor and wooden looking.
so apart from some matt varnishing the only painting i've done this week is the front room as it needs re decorating!!!!!

i have managed to get to see the road not a bad film, but slow and even though its a post apocalyptic don't expect much action as its not that type of film.
with all the snow i took the kids to the countryside for some sledging down the hill sides great fun and it was busy on the hill as lots of people had the same idea...

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