Sunday, 31 January 2010

into the nam

after a busy week with not much sign of a brush being picked up the last 2 days have seen lots going on the table.. first up is a good start on 42 valiant Germans that should be finished in the week, but a very fast paint job on these flashpoint miniatures main force vc.

i know that the black PJ's were not as common as Hollywood would have us all believe but as they are 15mm scale it makes them easy to identify on the table

they are not the best castings i've seen in this scale and priming them in white to paint black may seen odd but as i do a lot of work in washes they turn out ok

some of victor charles big brothers 28mm scale from baker company finally got based this month along with two dead vc, the rest of this platoon were done about 8 years ago and i still have an NVA platoon to do as well

so the total for January is a disappointing 56 figures, but my living room got done as well but that don't count to the monthly totals lol.
on the film/tv side of things dollhouse had a good season end hopefully they will do a 3rd season as i like joss whedon stuff.
survivors is getting interesting, and lost is back in Feb for its last season so we should find out everything in the end but i doubt it somehow...

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