Sunday, 24 October 2010

15mm fow dak and 8th army

a few pics from my fow desert forces taken at the gy club last monday

crusaders and vickers mk6 on the attack

25pdr battery

knocked out crusaders

hmg platoon

motor rifle platoon

afrika korps platoon

knocked out pzIII

150mm heavy artillery

tiger platoon


london imp war museum

another day another trip this time London imperial war museum, very good place to go the vehicles and equipment on display are good, side exhibits ww1 to modern history well covered a very good exhibition on the Holocaust.

also managed to visit the HMS Belfast, also impressive and good to see it well looked after,

prob the most impressive tank on display due to having the sides cut away to show just how thick the armour was on this jagdpanther

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

had a photo session at the Grimsby club last night, originally it was going to be with malc for the club site. but he was ill. so just did what i could for myself but left my ww2 with Dave for in the week with malc.

so here is some of my warlord 28mm Romans 140 figures making 7 cohort bases

Monday, 11 October 2010

bovvington 2010

bov tank museum, Finlay visited the place after many years of wanting to, loads to see, very surprised with the amount of ww1 tanks on display. and on the size of them.
interwar wars interesting from the small size of the vehicles, on to ww2 the main part of the place from my point of view just wish they were all runners and not shells, but still looked after and preserved.

Italian tankette small as a car

panzer 2. shame the had no panzer 1's

Sunday, 3 October 2010

sorry for the delay in posts

being ill, and not having the motivation to do much paint work,, has led to a down turn in production.
i have picked up the new warlord plastic Germans with the aim of doing them up. first impression is good. a shame the ammo pou hes are not separate to the figures as this would help the pose choice better
as for these pictures, i was taken out for the day last week, unknown to me it was at a place called tanks a lot

were we got to drive FV432 apc's and Russian BM21 tanks and to top the day off me to drive a chieftain tank over a Peugeot car, most fun i've had in a while, cant thank family and freinds enough for that day out
most recommended