Saturday, 31 January 2009

springsteen batalion finished

finished today was my latest valiant us infantry battalion, I'm naming them the Springsteen battalion because i have been listening to his latest CD as they were painted.
they have some captured weapons with extra bits on the bases for scenic effect.

this brings the total for the month to 237 figures and 19 vehicles making a good start to the years total.

Friday, 30 January 2009

the week that was

well so far it's been a busy week at work, went to the local club on Monday night and all who saw my desert 15mm stuff liked it.
so far I'm about 3/4 complete on an American infantry battalion for rapid fire. i made a start on my acw cavalry and my Romans but got distracted with some rare TV time.
not that i find much to watch these days. i did watch lost season 5 ep 3, very good twist and turns in it still even after 4 other seasons.
battlestar galactica getting better all the time can't wait for the next episode. life on mars USA version still think they could do better as they are taking it to seriously and not for fun like the British version,
also watched the new underworld film my opinion was crap could do better, didn't even last for hour and a half shame as the first two were very good films, much better was the wrestler bit like the first rocky film in places but very good with an ending leaving you wondering if he is alive or not.
looking forward to outlander as it's supposed to be like alien/predator films.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

total for the month

born to be wild!!!

just added up the total for the month/year so far is 189 figures and 19 vehicles painted.

most of this is made up with valiant minis for eBay in 1/72 scale, 15mm desert ww2 and 28 mm ww2, near future/kill zone types and Romans in 25mm scale.

started today was the next batch of figures another us infantry battalion (valiant miniatures) roman veterans (warlord games) and ACW cavalry (perry miniatures) just cos i fancied doing them, don't know if they will sell or not but i do need practice on horses so we shall see.

so that's another 80 figures (or do i count the horse and rider as 2 figures?) to the years total when finished,

after adding up last years total i estimate over 1000 figures were painted by me with most being done in the second half of the year. we shall have to keep a tab on the amount i get done this year.

8th army progeress

progress is starting with the 8th army the portee was started about 3 years ago as was the wrek but i never liked the colours i was getting.
these are both 15mm scale from battlefront , most of my 15mm desert is b/f with some peter pig and QRF added in

busy time painting

work in progress on my dak force in 15mm scale, so far this month I've finished 19 vehicles and started 9 more as well as the infantry to go with both the dak and 8Th army.
after months of trying to get the colours i wanted i Finlay found the colour i needed for my flames of war project, the uniforms and vehicle colours did not look right to me after i did this army in 20mm scale using humbrol paint but as their colours changed over the years i have been unable to get the same look i had in 20mm scale.
so thanks to an accident with trying to mix paint for an air brush with gw paint and water i found the colour base for the uniforms in desert yellow with 50% water added it didn't work in the spray gun but washed over white it looks very good for the uniforms, and with a catachan green and water wash over the desert yellow when dry makes the afrika korps look about right as well.
the rest of the paints are gw and valjeo that i have been using.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

valiant miniatures

valiant miniatures new Germans in Normandy painted up for winter war games,

these are not the best from valiant as they have more flash than Gordon but on a plus side they mix in well when cleaned up . and if you look closely the zeltbarns have epaulets on them!!!

as with the other box sets you get plenty of extra bits to add to the bases or to vehicles.

15mm dak platoon for ww2 games the 3rd platoon i have finished, now i should do some vehicles to get a game or 2 in..

work in progress

another 28mm scale near future figure almost finished

mofo figure i call this one tony almost finished

Friday, 9 January 2009

were to start.

had busy day at work, next will be to the painting table to finish off my 15mm dak and prob start a new valient infantry battalion for ebay.
i watched defiance this week, a very good film set in ww2 about the partizans in the east. most impressed by the use of a panzer 3 in the film rarther than a modern tank with a cross painted on it.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

new year new start

black tree German hmg team, bought 2002, painted xmas 2008. along with the rest of the remaining germans i got back then.