Sunday, 22 March 2009

band of brothers infantry

at long last i have finished some of my 28mm scale yanks 17 to be precise. most are in the 41 jacket but a couple are in the 43 jacket.

all the remaining figures i have are in the 43 pattern jackets so i have attempted to make these look as different in colours as i could but the camera does not show this up to well.
enough now for a skirmish game at least.

also been busy on the vehicle side with transport for my dak in 15mm 8 trucks 3/4 finished and 5 more started on the paint side with the rest of the dak undercoated

so the total for the month is standing at 241 with another 142 ready for in the week

feeling blue but looking good

my latest batch of plastic figures classic Germans with Germans in Normandy mixed in
these have been painted as Luftwaffe field battalion infantry
a nice shade of blue mixed with splinter pattern camo smocks, makes a change to painting green/grey etc.

another 42 to the total heading for eBay later today.
also yesterday i had a mad day cleaning/preparing 15mm afrika korps 142 figures 15 vehicles/tanks and 6 guns on top of the other 14 vehicles i started in the week makes for all of my dak stuff started, soon a game as i think i have enough 8th army done

whilst doing all this i have been listening to SLF not played there stuff for some time some good music from better days .
speaking of better days i watched the last battlestar galactica episode, one word WOW, not the ending i had thought it would be but it was nice to see the old model cylons putting in an appearance

Sunday, 15 March 2009

happy days ???

just found these WIP sculpts from brigade games looks like they are planning to do a 1950's pulp range in 28mm scale, me thinks they will go with the geezers range of 1970's figures from killer b games, they would only need to do some mods a few on scooters etc

game on

painting for the week

painting for the week, 48 ww2 Americans from valiant miniatures the last of my stock on the ailed side unless the local model shop has restocked

i have tried a different colour on the bases so as not to make them look dark,

also build a German battalion, i think i will paint these up as Luftwaffe infantry Jagger's that will leave me with one last box of Germans in Normandy

on a good side valiant are working on Crete figures German para's and British infantry

hopefully they will give the British more variety than they have at the moment.
so total so far for the month is 182 with another 42 started .

at last they here

well after a six week wait several emails and phone calls my 28mm scale hanomags have arrived
the emails i sent went unanswered
the calls i made i was told "they are being cast up today and will be posted by the end of the day"
giving no time to allow for the resin to dry don't see how they could say that.
so the first one i opened was ok apart from the tracks are too far apart it will need something underneath it to get the tracks in the right place.
the second one well complete opposite. tracks too close body wont fit going to need a lot of sanding, tried swapping body's over same result.
also lots of crap on the vehicle from mold deterioration even inside the vehicle.

scale at a glance they look too small but as my ww2 figures are from black tree and a bit better fed than most other company's they will look small next to them.

when i put a anglian miniatures Spanish civil war figure next to one it looks ok size wise, and as the bolt action figures and anglian figures are both sculpted by the same man then size looks ok.

when i put a battle honors figure in it it also looks ok in size, just the quality control at warlord is not up to much and their switchboard handlers could do with telling the truth when someone phones up to chase up an overdue order

Sunday, 8 March 2009

spanish civil war pt 2

this is the second battalion i have done this week 31 figures making a international brigade battalion.

as with the last post these are also about 8 years old having found them at the back of the draw

the main problem with these was the hmg gunner came with separate arms but after 8 years in a bag i found no arms so i had to substitute a figure from the spares box.

also finished this week is some artillery guns with crew and 2 a/t guns plus crew.
this makes 2 artillery battery's one for each side with the a/t guns having the chance to go on either side.

as well as all this i have also built an American ww2 battalion using valiant figures another 48 for this months total with work also being done on some 15mm desert vehicles but these are not yet finished.
this brings this weeks amount of painted figures to 88 making the montly total 134 figures painted

spanish civil war pt 1

first Spanish battalion painted this week 39 figures from bandera miniatures making a nationalist army battalion .

i got these figures probably about 8 years ago having re found my love of the scw i have ordered 5 packs of civil guard from anglian miniatures this week, as i am still waiting for my hanomags from warlord games (only one month so far) it will be interesting to see which gets here first.

as for these 20mm figures they will end up on eBay but not the anglian figures as they are part of a future project with a view to gaming the scw again when i have enough figures

Sunday, 1 March 2009

march 1st

not sure if these should be classed as painted in Feb or march as they were 90% finished on Saturday but it took a short time today to finish them.

a German infantry battalion from valiant miniatures total 42 figures in 1/72 scale and 2 tank hunter teams in 28mm scale from battle honors.

this time round the Germans are painted as army rarther than ss giving me another chance to try to get the splinter pattern looking better than i did last time i tried it.

the 28mm scale figures from battle honours i got a good few years ago long before bolt action came along, well they don't match the black tree figures that make up my German army in this scale so they will be heading for eBay now they are done and come the first Newark partizan show i hope to get some black tree if anyone is there selling black tree ww2 figures

after a trip to town on Saturday to restock i found our local model shop to be out of stock with no valiant miniatures, perry miniatures even the hat armour was low on stock. so i could only come away with warlord Romans but he did have in the Praetorian guard but i opted for the standard box to increase my cohorts two boxes plus the metal command figures gives me 3 cohorts for armarti as that is the rules used in the club.

so that brings the total painted to for this month to 46 figures, and I'm about half way through 10 vehicles for 15mm scale. and after having an idea of copying stowage for home casting by making a mold i asked a friend how much it would cost to have a mold made and he suggested i make new stowage and he will add it to his range in resin even though his range is aircraft he would start a new line in vehicle stowage. me now thinks that is a better idea and i could also make stowage packs for the other scales i do.