Sunday, 8 March 2009

spanish civil war pt 2

this is the second battalion i have done this week 31 figures making a international brigade battalion.

as with the last post these are also about 8 years old having found them at the back of the draw

the main problem with these was the hmg gunner came with separate arms but after 8 years in a bag i found no arms so i had to substitute a figure from the spares box.

also finished this week is some artillery guns with crew and 2 a/t guns plus crew.
this makes 2 artillery battery's one for each side with the a/t guns having the chance to go on either side.

as well as all this i have also built an American ww2 battalion using valiant figures another 48 for this months total with work also being done on some 15mm desert vehicles but these are not yet finished.
this brings this weeks amount of painted figures to 88 making the montly total 134 figures painted

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