Sunday, 1 March 2009

march 1st

not sure if these should be classed as painted in Feb or march as they were 90% finished on Saturday but it took a short time today to finish them.

a German infantry battalion from valiant miniatures total 42 figures in 1/72 scale and 2 tank hunter teams in 28mm scale from battle honors.

this time round the Germans are painted as army rarther than ss giving me another chance to try to get the splinter pattern looking better than i did last time i tried it.

the 28mm scale figures from battle honours i got a good few years ago long before bolt action came along, well they don't match the black tree figures that make up my German army in this scale so they will be heading for eBay now they are done and come the first Newark partizan show i hope to get some black tree if anyone is there selling black tree ww2 figures

after a trip to town on Saturday to restock i found our local model shop to be out of stock with no valiant miniatures, perry miniatures even the hat armour was low on stock. so i could only come away with warlord Romans but he did have in the Praetorian guard but i opted for the standard box to increase my cohorts two boxes plus the metal command figures gives me 3 cohorts for armarti as that is the rules used in the club.

so that brings the total painted to for this month to 46 figures, and I'm about half way through 10 vehicles for 15mm scale. and after having an idea of copying stowage for home casting by making a mold i asked a friend how much it would cost to have a mold made and he suggested i make new stowage and he will add it to his range in resin even though his range is aircraft he would start a new line in vehicle stowage. me now thinks that is a better idea and i could also make stowage packs for the other scales i do.

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