Sunday, 15 March 2009

at last they here

well after a six week wait several emails and phone calls my 28mm scale hanomags have arrived
the emails i sent went unanswered
the calls i made i was told "they are being cast up today and will be posted by the end of the day"
giving no time to allow for the resin to dry don't see how they could say that.
so the first one i opened was ok apart from the tracks are too far apart it will need something underneath it to get the tracks in the right place.
the second one well complete opposite. tracks too close body wont fit going to need a lot of sanding, tried swapping body's over same result.
also lots of crap on the vehicle from mold deterioration even inside the vehicle.

scale at a glance they look too small but as my ww2 figures are from black tree and a bit better fed than most other company's they will look small next to them.

when i put a anglian miniatures Spanish civil war figure next to one it looks ok size wise, and as the bolt action figures and anglian figures are both sculpted by the same man then size looks ok.

when i put a battle honors figure in it it also looks ok in size, just the quality control at warlord is not up to much and their switchboard handlers could do with telling the truth when someone phones up to chase up an overdue order

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