Sunday, 22 March 2009

feeling blue but looking good

my latest batch of plastic figures classic Germans with Germans in Normandy mixed in
these have been painted as Luftwaffe field battalion infantry
a nice shade of blue mixed with splinter pattern camo smocks, makes a change to painting green/grey etc.

another 42 to the total heading for eBay later today.
also yesterday i had a mad day cleaning/preparing 15mm afrika korps 142 figures 15 vehicles/tanks and 6 guns on top of the other 14 vehicles i started in the week makes for all of my dak stuff started, soon a game as i think i have enough 8th army done

whilst doing all this i have been listening to SLF not played there stuff for some time some good music from better days .
speaking of better days i watched the last battlestar galactica episode, one word WOW, not the ending i had thought it would be but it was nice to see the old model cylons putting in an appearance

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