Sunday, 31 May 2009

terminator 4, night at the museum 2
two films worth watching/waiting for and they both come out at the same time, in my opinion after trying to watch t4 3 times just to get the plot it fails as a terminator film, too many inconsistency's, not wanting to give the plot away but how come an M60 machine gun can destroy a terminator in this film yet not in others, why is john connor not in charge all the other films had him as the leader but not this one.
i will try to watch it again as i don't normally bother with copy's but i was hoping for better quality but couldn't wait to watch the film,
night at the museum 2 on the other hand was a much better film, same simple plot/story with some new twists in it again i don't want to give too much away but it gets my vote.

ss battalion finished

another week, another unit finished, this time new paint sets from partizan and some new brushes, one SS battalion in Field grey with summer and Autumn oak leaf camo smocks/helmet covers they look good now to try some pea dot camo variations.

this unit also has a pak 40 a/t gun, from the rubber gun co also known as HAT industries, the barrel is straight unlike the 76mm they do, still takes some gluing together as normal plastic glue wont work on it.

so total finished this week is 42 with 20 assultos based, and undercoated along with a panzer 1 all in 28mm scale
total for the month is 261 figures finished in the month, not bad, but could do better

Monday, 25 May 2009

stage 1 complete

so here we have stage one of the Spanish civil war project finished, 20 civil guard figures from anglian miniatures,

i like the command group full of caricature and i hope my painting does them justice, i like to think so. i have even done the eyes in the command group and a 5 o clock shadow for the captain!!!

also finished these space marines been half done for years, had no interest in them so they got left, but now they are done with the Sargent figure having a look of disbelief at the number of orks hes facing.
so total for the week has been 26 figures completed

Sunday, 24 May 2009


partizan show, Newark
on the game side disappointing, most games were ww1 this fantasy English civil war game (cant see the point when you have the Spanish civil war in the same decade)
the set up looks the same as the scw, militias V's military etc, fascists V's republicans, looks the same just in a fantasy world.

the only ww2 game on show was in 15mm set on hex terrain, with the infantry and vehicles mounted on the same base, not sure why but it looked strange,

there was a pulp game on in 28mm scale, with a large u boat on table, then they spoiled it by putting zombies in the game, not sure what is with the current trend to mix historical with fantasy, just not for me..

a few Napoleonic games and acw, not my cup of tea but again all seem to be in 28 to 30mm scale
on the shopping side a good day, got some assaulto's and a panzer 1 tank for the scw project, along with some heavy artillery in 15mm scale for my afrika korps.
it is strange that it is now cheaper to wargame ww2 in 1/72 scale than in 15mm with the average ww2 vehicle costing £3 to a 15mm vehicle costing £6, less resin/lead more profit.

on another note i have seen the new star trek film, very good enjoyed it very tongue in cheek in places. also managed to watch lesbian vampire killers, a good laugh from start to finish if you like that type of humor
as well is a new Zealand film called last of the living, comic zombie flick with some good killing zombie moments, good in films but not very playable on the table in my book.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

a weekends work

after a week of feeling run down i didn't think i would get anything done.
by sat morning i had managed to assemble just six figures so on sat morning i started with the rest of this battalion, 57 figures each one with a head swap and some with slight conversions done to them,
i had made about 30 of them before opening a new box to get the rest of the figures i needed as the British are not the most versatile out of the valiant sets, but after getting through at least 25 boxes of all sets i have quite a few spare bits.

so by the end of sat the battalion was assembled and based even the black undercoat was done

between 8am on Sunday morning and 4.30 pm all 57 figures were painted and finished off not a bad days work, I've even added some stripes to some of the figures

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

we wuz robbed!!!

i would like to say that the UN won the battle but the toombe terrorists managed to pull of a victory by luck on the dice throws.

it started out good by getting the advantage of attacking and having armour superiority with the addition of 2 T-55 tanks added to the Somali regulars in the UN, with the British 1st armoured recce squadron also on the table with 3 saladin a/c's and Israeli infantry all looked to be going well.

after a fierce fire fight we had lost a truck with casualty's to the infantry in it. but we had also taken out two enemy armoured cars and several infantry in the 1st built up area.

despite loosing a truck and having to walk to the objective we soldiered on looking for victory by the 4th move the Syrian infantry were on the table heading for the next objective, but meeting with a militia column and after exchanging shots and failing Morales they left the field for good

the British armoured car squadron but with the arrival of the last unit on the table the regular British inf in borrowed M113's we managed to grab the last objective and hold it until the game was over

Israeli inf advance

a last view from the Somali militia armour before they flee the battle

Israeli inf hold the objective

even with taking out 2 enemy armoured cars the last one would not flee

toombe navy cadet force with their recoilless armed jeeps

toombe regulars holding the objective

so after the longest game of the night at the club and a record for ak47 game lasting almost 3 hours the UN lost 3 units , the armoured car squadron, the Somali militia with armour and the Syrian militia ,
the toombe forces lost 2 units with many casualty's on the remaining ones but they held their morale until game over and the result was down to the dice throws, that is why we wuz robbed.
all figure are from peter pig, as are most of the vehicles with the added trucks from various die casts in the right scale, the saladins are from QRF with extra stowage added

Sunday, 10 May 2009

desert fox

a bit late with this due to re watching the last few episodes of Jericho for some ideas,
on to whats finished, Rommel with ADC, company command bases and 2 a/t bases, didn't get the guns or tows finished only about 3/4 done
also finished another valiant battalion for feebay a German Luftwaffe inf battalion total of 42 figures plus my last skytrex 75 inf gun,
so along with the luft battalion total for the week was 68 figures .

on to tonight, been practising the dice throws lol, army is ready and looking forward to their victory, check out CNN later lol.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


well I've gone and done the unthinkable from a few months ago, booked a game (can i remember how to roll dice or use a tape measure?)
what have i done!! well AK47 game next week so i have dragged these boys out of the attic and dusted them off ready for combat, peter pig centurions with ww2 crew i think, done as the UN for a superpower backed force.
the infantry are my latest addition to this army long assumed as lost in time and never to be used again until now, the infantry are Syrian from the peter pig ranges

not sure yet if I'm using these or my dictator army

roll on the Newark show I've got some ideas but want to see whats out there

Sunday, 3 May 2009

now i just need to do the gun tractors and HQ

these 2 88mm guns and crew have been difficult to paint as the gun base is molded on the resin base and as i like to hide the figure base before i paint the figure normally brown is ok but as this is for the desert making sure paint is kept off the basetex is a challenge.

now all i need to complete the unit is the tractors and hq section.

also managed to do this barbarian army from the mighty armies made by mongoose publishing's, not the best figures to paint, and i would not recommend them, but they are now owned by rebel minis in the USA and after looking at their other ranges they do some nice sci-fi stuff in 15mm could be worth an investment or two...
so total for the week is 68 figures/animals painted