Friday, 26 November 2010

more scw

more for my Spanish civil war project finished today, some old lledo vehicles dug out and repainted and re based on road bases total 10 trucks some with slogans for the republican side

also finished some nationalist infantry and a hmg team now i have to wait for my next order of scw stuff to arrive from empress minis or force of arms

i know some people will say sloppy jalopy in 1.48 looks better but each to their own and lledo vehicles are cheap to pick up and as in the last pic look ok to me scale wise

Saturday, 20 November 2010


at long last progress has been made to my 15mm pacific forces in the way of a small amount of armour, for the USMC 3 m4 Sherman's form battlefront not much different from the eto apart from no stars and they are too small to mark as USMC.

and for the japs 3 tankettes from peter pig also finished along with painting started on a platoon of imperial jap infantry.

also on a not painting side i managed to see the new film skyline, and in the world of bad films i would put this one as the worst I've seen apart from good effects the story is stupid the ending bad and not much in the middle basically don't bother to see it even if its for free.

Monday, 15 November 2010

spanish civil war panzer 1's

another day another post, this almost made yesterday but not quite.

panzer 1 with 20mm auto cannon conversion these were made in small numbers in Spain, mine is from force of arms in resin picked up at the first partizan show this year.
the good thing about the scw is not many vehicles are needed.

as a comparison this panzer 1 is in metal from empress miniatures some scale difference in noticeable when side by side but as one is the pz1 a and one a pz1b easy to get away with.

so my powerful nationalist armoured force but in a moment of slight madness today i ordered a T-26 tank for the republic side even though i don't need one for the forces in the scenario im working on but plenty of milita are also ordered

Sunday, 14 November 2010

wargames factory shock troops

more figures finished. getting to be like the days before getting ill.
more stuff is on the paint table nearing completion but very impressed with these. keeping the paint simple and close to the kill zone game i think they have much potential for sci-fi games.

overall worth getting and looking into the pound shops for cheap vehicles in the about right scale for a cheap sci-fi skirmish game

Friday, 12 November 2010

new figures finished

after a long time able to pick up a brush i finally finished some new figures, notably the warlord plastic Germans.
they go together ok but could have had the rifle ammo pouches as separate on the sprue.

my choice of painting them afrika korps or Italy use just to do them differently

also finished is this 1/48 scale me109 picked up years ago from a pound shop, the decals didn't stick so i did my best free hand just need to add some static grass at the front of the base