Saturday, 20 November 2010


at long last progress has been made to my 15mm pacific forces in the way of a small amount of armour, for the USMC 3 m4 Sherman's form battlefront not much different from the eto apart from no stars and they are too small to mark as USMC.

and for the japs 3 tankettes from peter pig also finished along with painting started on a platoon of imperial jap infantry.

also on a not painting side i managed to see the new film skyline, and in the world of bad films i would put this one as the worst I've seen apart from good effects the story is stupid the ending bad and not much in the middle basically don't bother to see it even if its for free.


  1. Excellent painting. How did you find the quality of the Peter Pig Japanese tanks? I have been thinking about getting some myself?

  2. peter pig vehicles always find good its the other jap tanks need to see first the skytrex ones look ok but not too sure about qrf their display ones look iffy