Sunday, 25 April 2010

hospital visit

well not much work got done this week, mostly due to me going into hospital for an op on my throat to remove a lump, quite understandably i did not feel like doing much with my throat stitched up.
until this weekend i felt well enough to go into town for some new stock, fist up i picked up the new italeri German paras in tropical kit, out at long last. first impressions are they look good, nice mix of weapons, good poses and again in hard plastic , wont be long before these are on the table.
also picked up the wargames factory ancient Germans, part for use as dead/fighting my Romans on their bases diorama style, also for use of all the extra parts with my future war gangs. come partizan a visit to EM4 is a must. now that brings me to my last item i picked up, the first of my Berlin houses from italeri built and undercoated over the weekend.
ok it is basic inside but with some furniture from frontline to give some cover when fighting from room to room it has a wide field of use. from the Spanish civil war, ww2, 25mm scale gangster wars, to modern and future war games.

just to show how it scales up with other scales left to right, 20mm Britannia Vietnam grunt, 15mm vc, 28mm EM4 plastic ganger, 20mm italeri German

and a close up showing the interior door size

Sunday, 18 April 2010

just an idea but...

I've just had this idea after finding wargames
factory's next set due out is these sci-fi troopers in greatcoat's now in keeping with my currant theme/style of gang warfare (aka Bronx warriors) these would do just fine, and if i get some of italeri's Berlin houses for terrain along with the resin bits i already have it could make a good setting for combat zone/kill zone type games more so as the Berlin house has separate floors...
interesting looking forward to seeing these new figures
also looking forward to the release of centurion next week end. a trip to the cinema could be needed...

tank week

well it seems like all I've done this week is paint German armour in a variety of scales, the finished products are 4 panthers in 20mm scale all from hat with extra stowage and crew from valiant miniatures spare parts.

next up is a zugkraftwagen 12t with 88 mounted on it from Cromwell models the crew i have for it are not yet finished they come from AB models (and i'm still paying off the loan to get them lol), not saying they were expensive for 20mm figures but they ain't cheap.

and finally finished is my tiger 1 in 1/35 scale, i must have been mad to get it as it seems to have taken forever to build/paint, i don't think i could wargame in this scale as i would never get anything on the table.
also almost finished are 2 stug 3's in 15mm scale so a busy time for me.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

at last

well at last i have finished something it may only be 10 figures but its a start from all the figures i've started...
all of them are from EM-4's combat zone, these are the trooper figures from the box set and a heavy weapon squad for simple conversions to the plastic sprues

the only conversion i did to the troopers was to add the auto shotgun from the ganger sprue

i tried to keep the painting as close to my original squad based on starship troopers style as that was the in film about when i did them last.

the heavy weapon squad metal torsos and arms/weapons added to the basic plastic body's.
i must get some more of these and they make some other arm sets as well.

almost finished is my first 15mm japs with the 20mm scale Italian 90mm a/t gun being used as a navy ship gun on a shore mount, something the japs did to give their positions more artillery
the good thing about the close ups is i get to see were i have missed, just a touch up needed then basing to finish off

i think it looks the part and the scale difference isn't to noticeable

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


well after watching one of the Bronx warriors films i was inspired to assemble some of the ganger figures from combat zone, and also have ago at some conversions as the game comes with 3 sets of gang sprues with only 5 different figures .

first up was a simple head swap using empress Spanish civil war heads and spare weapons from old foundry street violence sets.

next was this female warrior i cut away the original weapon and altered the position of her head as she is looking to the right

this one came out best in my opinion another head swap, this time using a head from warlords Celt warriors, and cutting down the barrel of the shot gun.
just a shame warlord don't give spare heads but i might try the wargame factory sets for spares

another simple alteration cut away the pistol and carve the hands to take a automatic pistol again from foundry

the last one is just a spare Spanish civil war head with a beret
i also did new bases as i am not a slot base fan, just used wills fine cast pavement set and cut away the tab leaving a peg on one foot and drill a hole just to give the figure some strength

Sunday, 4 April 2010

happy easter

well after a dull month of march with only about 151 figures being completed i am hoping April will prove better as i have got loads of figures started, based and undercoated, i have even been looking at combat zone and built two squads of 5 troopers from the game. basic plastic figs from EM4 did these today as i picked up two old 1980's exploitation films from enzo g casterelli the man who did inglorious b******s, making these post apocalyptic films ripe for tarrentino to re-make

so on the paint table are about 150 figures some started and some just undercoated so hopefully April will improve my painted amount