Thursday, 31 December 2009

YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - No Surrender

YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - No Surrender

happy new year everyone,
for me this song just about sums up my year, I've gone from down and almost out to getting back on top, so next year will be better,

in the words of the great man , no retreat, no surrender for 2010

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

a belated merry xmas

well Christmas has come and gone, Santa left the usual suspects (slippers, smellies, booze) and a Springsteen CD from my eldest daughter, nice surprise she got one of the few i don't have.

as for painting i forced myself to do a few bits but nothing is finished as of yet.
the us paras from warlord are about 3/4 complete and some baker company VC got based up.
so a quiet time for me but i did win a auction for a 1/100 die cast Huey and sent for some flashpoint minis from the Vietnam range,

and with this weekends extra work delivering takeaways to fill in for the regular man i will be spending that money on the flames of war army sets for each side.
every little helps and a surprise he is away for the weekend,

on the TV side not much on as per normal on TV these days, i did see the Dr who on Xmas day, not bad and looking forward to this weekends final for David tenant.
also just finished watching the day of the triffids 2 part story, must say that Eddie izzard was good in his part and the story was good also.

next looking forward to the second season of survivors starting on the 12th Jan after seeing a trailer for it looks worth the wait..

Sunday, 20 December 2009

twas the week b4 christmas

hmm Christmas was but a week away and after visiting the local model shop for some new plastics to do up i was shown the new box sets from warlord games, being weak i parted with some unexpected spending money on the screaming eagles box set.....
now the last time in had some new ww2 28mm scale figures they took about 8 or 10 years to complete. and as i was hoping to get on with some old Britannia Vietnam 20mm castings i came across under the stairs (probably put there on a spring clean) and remembering i got them about 8 years ago!!!
anyway so far the brothers in arms are cleaned up and i decided on a white undercoat for the paint method i have in mind for them

they are very nice sculpts done by Paul hicks as are most of the bolt action range

so as for any painting this is about as far as i have gotten this week , one 1/72 jolly green chopper and one 1/100 skyhawk,
apart from helping out with my daughters 13th birthday and Xmas shopping, at least there is snow on the ground for a white Christmas and we don't see those very often do we....

Sunday, 13 December 2009

on a roll

despite this being December and a busy month for everyone i have been on a roll getting 50 infantry crew figures finished and 30 vehicles also finished, most are for my 8th army ww2 project 8 are 15mm Vietnam grunts for vehicles or choppers.
due to running out of decals for the 8th army that is all that is left to do, oh and a dry brush over the decals.
still i'm very impressed with how they have turned out. next some more infantry platoons and 25pdr's to complete..

the pictures don't do them justice with the bad lighting, they look much better in daylight but not much of that about this time of year lol..

peter pig Vietnam yanks i may redo the jungle boots as they look to bright,
also managed to build a jolly green rescue chopper in 1/72 scale, made from parts with no instructions i got it years ago in a box of other kits all with no instructions, the rest went on eBay long ago but i kept this one, so far it is built and undercoated also built today a 1/100 scale skyhawk for the Nam project in 15mm
why not it's Christmas after all, and all wargamers like to start new projects don't we!!!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

brown water navy

at long last the 1st Britannia Vietnam landing craft has been finished only 2 more to go.
i got these a few years ago and started one but lost interest, now with the wargames illustrated articles about IA drang i have been motivated to get it done,

i have also been trying out some old peter pig Nam grunts from the passengers from the M113 they make.
more to follow soon.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

november total

well the mad month of December is here again, and the poor total for November was 53 figures and 7 20mm scale tanks and half tracks.
these valiant Germans formed the bulk of the figure painting. hopefully they will sell well to get some more figures with the profits.
these also include the last HAT A/T gun i will not be getting anymore of these as they are a pain to glue together.
so these 42 infantry along with 3 MLR German paras & 8 28mm scw figures are all that got finished in November,

I'm looking forward to next year already with a view to doing the Nam in 15mm and why not, if i sell enough valiant figures it should pay for plenty of new lead lol...

still on the paint table is the 15mm 8th army slowly progressing to the end.

and i managed to get to see 2012 a good special effects film worth watching to see what happens. recommended..

still having to work on Mondays so no visits to the wargame club but i may take a look at the Tuesday lot who rent out the club to see what is on offer for games