Sunday, 6 December 2009

november total

well the mad month of December is here again, and the poor total for November was 53 figures and 7 20mm scale tanks and half tracks.
these valiant Germans formed the bulk of the figure painting. hopefully they will sell well to get some more figures with the profits.
these also include the last HAT A/T gun i will not be getting anymore of these as they are a pain to glue together.
so these 42 infantry along with 3 MLR German paras & 8 28mm scw figures are all that got finished in November,

I'm looking forward to next year already with a view to doing the Nam in 15mm and why not, if i sell enough valiant figures it should pay for plenty of new lead lol...

still on the paint table is the 15mm 8th army slowly progressing to the end.

and i managed to get to see 2012 a good special effects film worth watching to see what happens. recommended..

still having to work on Mondays so no visits to the wargame club but i may take a look at the Tuesday lot who rent out the club to see what is on offer for games

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