Sunday, 13 December 2009

on a roll

despite this being December and a busy month for everyone i have been on a roll getting 50 infantry crew figures finished and 30 vehicles also finished, most are for my 8th army ww2 project 8 are 15mm Vietnam grunts for vehicles or choppers.
due to running out of decals for the 8th army that is all that is left to do, oh and a dry brush over the decals.
still i'm very impressed with how they have turned out. next some more infantry platoons and 25pdr's to complete..

the pictures don't do them justice with the bad lighting, they look much better in daylight but not much of that about this time of year lol..

peter pig Vietnam yanks i may redo the jungle boots as they look to bright,
also managed to build a jolly green rescue chopper in 1/72 scale, made from parts with no instructions i got it years ago in a box of other kits all with no instructions, the rest went on eBay long ago but i kept this one, so far it is built and undercoated also built today a 1/100 scale skyhawk for the Nam project in 15mm
why not it's Christmas after all, and all wargamers like to start new projects don't we!!!!!

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