Tuesday, 29 December 2009

a belated merry xmas

well Christmas has come and gone, Santa left the usual suspects (slippers, smellies, booze) and a Springsteen CD from my eldest daughter, nice surprise she got one of the few i don't have.

as for painting i forced myself to do a few bits but nothing is finished as of yet.
the us paras from warlord are about 3/4 complete and some baker company VC got based up.
so a quiet time for me but i did win a auction for a 1/100 die cast Huey and sent for some flashpoint minis from the Vietnam range,

and with this weekends extra work delivering takeaways to fill in for the regular man i will be spending that money on the flames of war army sets for each side.
every little helps and a surprise he is away for the weekend,

on the TV side not much on as per normal on TV these days, i did see the Dr who on Xmas day, not bad and looking forward to this weekends final for David tenant.
also just finished watching the day of the triffids 2 part story, must say that Eddie izzard was good in his part and the story was good also.

next looking forward to the second season of survivors starting on the 12th Jan after seeing a trailer for it looks worth the wait..

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