Sunday, 20 December 2009

twas the week b4 christmas

hmm Christmas was but a week away and after visiting the local model shop for some new plastics to do up i was shown the new box sets from warlord games, being weak i parted with some unexpected spending money on the screaming eagles box set.....
now the last time in had some new ww2 28mm scale figures they took about 8 or 10 years to complete. and as i was hoping to get on with some old Britannia Vietnam 20mm castings i came across under the stairs (probably put there on a spring clean) and remembering i got them about 8 years ago!!!
anyway so far the brothers in arms are cleaned up and i decided on a white undercoat for the paint method i have in mind for them

they are very nice sculpts done by Paul hicks as are most of the bolt action range

so as for any painting this is about as far as i have gotten this week , one 1/72 jolly green chopper and one 1/100 skyhawk,
apart from helping out with my daughters 13th birthday and Xmas shopping, at least there is snow on the ground for a white Christmas and we don't see those very often do we....

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