Monday, 31 May 2010

month total for may

at last a busy month with the total ending at 169 figures completed and a building and a container all done in the month of may,

the latest being these 2 German rapid fire battalions most based on penny's as per customer requirements, and all from the italeri hard plastic elite troops with a few afrika korps to make up the numbers. apart from the a/t crew these are all old airfix from the blitz truck + pak 40 kit as i found quite a few in the spares box

Sunday, 30 May 2010


today i went to partizan in Newark, must say better than last year, with some better looking games, first up that caught my eye was a china/jap game in 1930's with the mini-mi cargo ship standing out among the others in the game, must get one of these for myself.

this republican Rome game looked good but with the amount of transfers available for roman shields it could have looked that bit better.

AWI game in 28mm scale i liked the corn fields best use of door Matt's ever

a nice touch to this acw game was the early submarine as a good eye catcher.

another shot f the japs invading china

Abyssinia game with empress figures again on show but with more boards than last year

an interesting zombie game shame that there was a mix of scales on the table 1:48 vehicles, 1:56 figures and 25mm for some of the buildings, still a good idea of a game

another acw this time using what looked like 1:32 toy soldiers

impressive 1940 France game in 28mm scale

a nice 15mm sci-fi game full of detail that i looked at for a while spotting different bits i had only seen in pictures before.
as for spending probably spent too much but it's only twice a year (here anyway),
i did get plenty from warlord games to continue my Romans, mostly command packs, and dead Celts/Romans and the nice general he stands a bit taller than the metal Romans so best on his own base.
i got a nice panzer 1 with 20mm breada mounted in the turret from force of arms for my scw condor legion , along with japs from peter pig to start my 15mm jap army.
probably the best items would be the flames of war 'art of war' books 1 & 2 book 1 for idea's and book 2 for a good painting guide/idea's both good value for money from what i've seen already

Sunday, 23 May 2010


a hot weekend too hot to paint too much, so its barbie time, or at least it was today, anyway as i have gotten 3/4 through 2 German rapid fir battalions in the week with an order for 5 German and 5 American i needed a rest and a few beers.
also i was given a STEELWORKS resin kit of the fields of Barcelona armoured truck in 1/72 scale looking at the parts with etched metal chain links not sure when it will get built.
so next weekend is partizan at Newark and with warlord games releasing the new roman general (see pic) in resin even tho its a bit wooden looking it will be added to the shopping list along with more Romans to add to my legion.
not sure if its a good thing or not as empress minis are not there this year and if you look at their workbench page on their site they have more moderns as in modern yanks and they look good/must have figures
so bad they are not their but good for the bank balance for a while anyway.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

well this weekend i seem to have been on top form for painting, building etc.
Saturday i collected more italeri infantry as my order had arrived, i forgot i had ordered German para's so now i have 3 boxes, i built the first on sat afternoon and based and textured in the evening.
even though they do not supply a mmg with a small amount of conversion work and with adding a 30 cal tripod from valiant yanks (as its a bit bigger it looks ok) i made 2 moving mmg teams, also carving down one rifle into a shell for the a/t gun and a German para battalion is made.

this morning i continued with my next roman unit/cohort/base of 20 men and by tea time they are finished apart from basing and varnishing that is, by not switching on the pc so no distractions they got done. and looking like my best effort on Romans to date. that makes 140 or so legionaries done.

the italeri German para's so far only bases done and first colour done to them
also on a positive note for me anyway a friend broke down near my house in his car only a sticking thermostat but as he buys and sells kits he gave me a NU-BEE MIL4 helicopter kit in 1/100 scale for helping him, result more air power for AK47 lol..
a cheap Russian kit but getting harder to find these days.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

SG1, 2.3 & 4

not much done over this weekend but i have managed to finish sg teams 1 to 4 in 15mm scale from GZG
not bad for detail in the scale just need to get the jaffa finished and find a stargate model, i know someone made one in 20mm scale along with figures but can't remember who it was.
behind them is another 20 warlord Romans started this week starting to get back into them, built another 10 today one day they will be finished.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

another day, another post

another day and i finished more figures, 49 to be exact.
48 italeri American infantry and one 28mm Celt

the Americans are nice but lack a co figure instead you get a tank commander but just enough to make a r/f battalion

my second Celt figure a dieing fig to give the cohort base a fighting look to it.

i gave him a spare roman shield and rebuilt his torso with putty to arch his back to give a lying down look as opposed to sat up as he would look if i glued him in place as normal

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

finished terain

today i finished my Berlin building and a shelter
the Berlin building from italeri aimed at 20mm scale but fits in ok with other scales, a simple paint job on a large building, with another 3 or 4 of these plus the church they do should make for a good urban area to fight over and inside as well.

these shelters are also from italeri from their 1/35th range and at £3 each make good cheap cover, the blue one was done a few years ago but the white one was done today, simple grey wash over white primer and its done, i may add some bio hazard signs to it to make it a contamination shelter

more scale shots with foundry's Mr T and a beach babe

bolt action yank para's again to show the versatility of the building

just an idea but if i make a sign to hang between the buildings with no pasaran on it and the battle for Madrid can be done as well.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

april total

the painted total for April is a poor 58 figures and 6 vehicles completed, plenty have been started, and gotten as far as undercoat done
this American rapid fire unit along with another half done have taken most of the month more due to trying to get motivated and having a hospital visit thrown in adds to the months lack of work getting finished.

so hoping to get a better total for may and with partizan at the end of the month (more to add to the unpainted total lol)
so far today i have been busy working on the Berlin building, up to now its had two repaints as i was not to happy with the colours also in wanting to make it as universal as possible so no adding of graffiti etc.

this week i tried to see centurion at the cinema but due to them changing the times it was shown (after 9pm) and with only one showing per day i ended up having a 20mile round trip for nothing, and they wonder why people go for copy's from pirate sellers, not surprising as you cant get to see a British made film unless you camp out for the film start times.
also this week i finally managed to see sex & drugs & rock & roll the story about Ian dury another British made film, came out early January this year didn't make our local cinema so after 4 months wait i opted for a copy from the pirates, normally i wont bother but i have been waiting to see this one for so long more of a case of why not and as it was a good copy i will be watching it again, and it is a very good film just cant understand why it never made the cinemas. and still the cinemas wonder why people go for copy's.
(rant over for now) back to the paint table i hope..