Sunday, 2 May 2010

april total

the painted total for April is a poor 58 figures and 6 vehicles completed, plenty have been started, and gotten as far as undercoat done
this American rapid fire unit along with another half done have taken most of the month more due to trying to get motivated and having a hospital visit thrown in adds to the months lack of work getting finished.

so hoping to get a better total for may and with partizan at the end of the month (more to add to the unpainted total lol)
so far today i have been busy working on the Berlin building, up to now its had two repaints as i was not to happy with the colours also in wanting to make it as universal as possible so no adding of graffiti etc.

this week i tried to see centurion at the cinema but due to them changing the times it was shown (after 9pm) and with only one showing per day i ended up having a 20mile round trip for nothing, and they wonder why people go for copy's from pirate sellers, not surprising as you cant get to see a British made film unless you camp out for the film start times.
also this week i finally managed to see sex & drugs & rock & roll the story about Ian dury another British made film, came out early January this year didn't make our local cinema so after 4 months wait i opted for a copy from the pirates, normally i wont bother but i have been waiting to see this one for so long more of a case of why not and as it was a good copy i will be watching it again, and it is a very good film just cant understand why it never made the cinemas. and still the cinemas wonder why people go for copy's.
(rant over for now) back to the paint table i hope..

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