Sunday, 23 May 2010


a hot weekend too hot to paint too much, so its barbie time, or at least it was today, anyway as i have gotten 3/4 through 2 German rapid fir battalions in the week with an order for 5 German and 5 American i needed a rest and a few beers.
also i was given a STEELWORKS resin kit of the fields of Barcelona armoured truck in 1/72 scale looking at the parts with etched metal chain links not sure when it will get built.
so next weekend is partizan at Newark and with warlord games releasing the new roman general (see pic) in resin even tho its a bit wooden looking it will be added to the shopping list along with more Romans to add to my legion.
not sure if its a good thing or not as empress minis are not there this year and if you look at their workbench page on their site they have more moderns as in modern yanks and they look good/must have figures
so bad they are not their but good for the bank balance for a while anyway.

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