Sunday, 16 May 2010

well this weekend i seem to have been on top form for painting, building etc.
Saturday i collected more italeri infantry as my order had arrived, i forgot i had ordered German para's so now i have 3 boxes, i built the first on sat afternoon and based and textured in the evening.
even though they do not supply a mmg with a small amount of conversion work and with adding a 30 cal tripod from valiant yanks (as its a bit bigger it looks ok) i made 2 moving mmg teams, also carving down one rifle into a shell for the a/t gun and a German para battalion is made.

this morning i continued with my next roman unit/cohort/base of 20 men and by tea time they are finished apart from basing and varnishing that is, by not switching on the pc so no distractions they got done. and looking like my best effort on Romans to date. that makes 140 or so legionaries done.

the italeri German para's so far only bases done and first colour done to them
also on a positive note for me anyway a friend broke down near my house in his car only a sticking thermostat but as he buys and sells kits he gave me a NU-BEE MIL4 helicopter kit in 1/100 scale for helping him, result more air power for AK47 lol..
a cheap Russian kit but getting harder to find these days.


  1. Those German Para's look nice are they new Italeri WWII German?

  2. yes, german paras in tropical uniform