Sunday, 30 May 2010


today i went to partizan in Newark, must say better than last year, with some better looking games, first up that caught my eye was a china/jap game in 1930's with the mini-mi cargo ship standing out among the others in the game, must get one of these for myself.

this republican Rome game looked good but with the amount of transfers available for roman shields it could have looked that bit better.

AWI game in 28mm scale i liked the corn fields best use of door Matt's ever

a nice touch to this acw game was the early submarine as a good eye catcher.

another shot f the japs invading china

Abyssinia game with empress figures again on show but with more boards than last year

an interesting zombie game shame that there was a mix of scales on the table 1:48 vehicles, 1:56 figures and 25mm for some of the buildings, still a good idea of a game

another acw this time using what looked like 1:32 toy soldiers

impressive 1940 France game in 28mm scale

a nice 15mm sci-fi game full of detail that i looked at for a while spotting different bits i had only seen in pictures before.
as for spending probably spent too much but it's only twice a year (here anyway),
i did get plenty from warlord games to continue my Romans, mostly command packs, and dead Celts/Romans and the nice general he stands a bit taller than the metal Romans so best on his own base.
i got a nice panzer 1 with 20mm breada mounted in the turret from force of arms for my scw condor legion , along with japs from peter pig to start my 15mm jap army.
probably the best items would be the flames of war 'art of war' books 1 & 2 book 1 for idea's and book 2 for a good painting guide/idea's both good value for money from what i've seen already

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  1. Great photos of Partizan. I took my camera, but partway through the day I must have adjusted the settings and the bulk of my photos came out blurred!