Friday, 6 August 2010

looking better

second attempt at painting jap tanks,
much better ressult after going for Vallejo reflective green base with German camo Brown and dark yellow for the camo. not sure if i should have waited to get flat yellow but went with dark yellow in the end.
then after painting the other 3 tanks in reflective green i find an unopened tin of humbrol 79 uniform green (the colour airfix recommend for jap armour)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

month total for june

well its a bit late in coming due to finding out my cancer has returned after 6 years in the clear tomorrow i go for a ct scan to see how much more of me needs to be cut away what fun more hospital food!!!
anyway on to the total for June a mere 112 figures finished not bad but not as good as last month. so far this month i have been looking into making a start on my15mm japs inbetwen other projects. with not having many books on the subject of jap armour i picked up the osprey book on jap armour tactics as it was in the local model shop, and after a good internet search i found little on painting jap tanks as in colour patterns etc.
and as i last did jap tank kit (airfix chi-ha) over 20 years ago i cant remember what colours to use.
look for German camo patterns no problem but the poor far east is a bit left out on the net.
i did find this pic of a 150mm shore defence gun looking similar to my 20mm scale ones,
as for jap colours i tried army green with bestial brown and yellow not 100% happy with it, i should go with Vallejo reflective green i think. (if anyone has any ideas please let me know)

also finished this week is 42 Germans in SS autumn oak leaf pattern and another 3 battalions started.