Sunday, 25 April 2010

hospital visit

well not much work got done this week, mostly due to me going into hospital for an op on my throat to remove a lump, quite understandably i did not feel like doing much with my throat stitched up.
until this weekend i felt well enough to go into town for some new stock, fist up i picked up the new italeri German paras in tropical kit, out at long last. first impressions are they look good, nice mix of weapons, good poses and again in hard plastic , wont be long before these are on the table.
also picked up the wargames factory ancient Germans, part for use as dead/fighting my Romans on their bases diorama style, also for use of all the extra parts with my future war gangs. come partizan a visit to EM4 is a must. now that brings me to my last item i picked up, the first of my Berlin houses from italeri built and undercoated over the weekend.
ok it is basic inside but with some furniture from frontline to give some cover when fighting from room to room it has a wide field of use. from the Spanish civil war, ww2, 25mm scale gangster wars, to modern and future war games.

just to show how it scales up with other scales left to right, 20mm Britannia Vietnam grunt, 15mm vc, 28mm EM4 plastic ganger, 20mm italeri German

and a close up showing the interior door size

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