Sunday, 18 April 2010

tank week

well it seems like all I've done this week is paint German armour in a variety of scales, the finished products are 4 panthers in 20mm scale all from hat with extra stowage and crew from valiant miniatures spare parts.

next up is a zugkraftwagen 12t with 88 mounted on it from Cromwell models the crew i have for it are not yet finished they come from AB models (and i'm still paying off the loan to get them lol), not saying they were expensive for 20mm figures but they ain't cheap.

and finally finished is my tiger 1 in 1/35 scale, i must have been mad to get it as it seems to have taken forever to build/paint, i don't think i could wargame in this scale as i would never get anything on the table.
also almost finished are 2 stug 3's in 15mm scale so a busy time for me.

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