Sunday, 18 April 2010

just an idea but...

I've just had this idea after finding wargames
factory's next set due out is these sci-fi troopers in greatcoat's now in keeping with my currant theme/style of gang warfare (aka Bronx warriors) these would do just fine, and if i get some of italeri's Berlin houses for terrain along with the resin bits i already have it could make a good setting for combat zone/kill zone type games more so as the Berlin house has separate floors...
interesting looking forward to seeing these new figures
also looking forward to the release of centurion next week end. a trip to the cinema could be needed...


  1. Are the scifi troopers from wargames factory not 28mm and the italeri houses 1/72?

    Or does there exist an 1/32 berlin house?


  2. the sci fi troops are 28mm but putting 28mm scale figs next to italeri buildings still look ok scale wise, if anything a bit too big for 20mm scale

  3. Never saw one of those building in flesh, but I like the idea to use them with 28mm figures.