Tuesday, 6 April 2010


well after watching one of the Bronx warriors films i was inspired to assemble some of the ganger figures from combat zone, and also have ago at some conversions as the game comes with 3 sets of gang sprues with only 5 different figures .

first up was a simple head swap using empress Spanish civil war heads and spare weapons from old foundry street violence sets.

next was this female warrior i cut away the original weapon and altered the position of her head as she is looking to the right

this one came out best in my opinion another head swap, this time using a head from warlords Celt warriors, and cutting down the barrel of the shot gun.
just a shame warlord don't give spare heads but i might try the wargame factory sets for spares

another simple alteration cut away the pistol and carve the hands to take a automatic pistol again from foundry

the last one is just a spare Spanish civil war head with a beret
i also did new bases as i am not a slot base fan, just used wills fine cast pavement set and cut away the tab leaving a peg on one foot and drill a hole just to give the figure some strength

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